Best coffee maker for dorm room?

Royce Kozey asked a question: Best coffee maker for dorm room?
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  • The Keurig Mini is the ideal coffee brewer for the dorm room for a lot of reasons. It makes coffee the way most people drink it – one cup at a time. It’s simple to use – just pop in a K-cup, push a button and wait for the cup to fill. It’s fast – you’ve got a cup of coffee in just about one minute.


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Best single serve coffee maker for dorm?

The Keurig Mini is the ideal coffee brewer for the dorm room for a lot of reasons. It makes coffee the way most people drink it – one cup at a time. It’s simple to use – just pop in a K-cup, push a button and wait for the cup to fill. It’s fast – you’ve got a cup of coffee in just about one minute.

Can i have a coffee maker in my dorm room?

So, are coffee makers allowed in dorms? Normally, coffee makers are allowed as long as they do not have a hot plate. This means that pod-style coffee makers will generally be allowed but drip-style coffee makers will not usually be allowed.

Can you have a coffee maker in your dorm room?

Many dorms don't allow students to have traditional coffee machines in their rooms due to fire hazards… There are also machines that can use both single-serve coffee pods and regular ground coffee, so you can prepare your pick-me-up any way you'd like.

Can you have a coffee maker in your dorm?
  • Normally, coffee makers with a hot plate are not allowed in dorms. However, Keurig coffee makers feature an internal heating element so they will usually be considered as ok to use. However, it would help to ask your university beforehand.
What's the best coffee maker for a dorm room?

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