Best college dorm room pets?

Dawson Dickinson asked a question: Best college dorm room pets?
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The best college dorm room pets! (vlog 222)

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The best solution might be these five pets that are a good fit for college students because they're a little bit easier on the maintenance scale.

  1. Fish. Fish are awesome pets for college students to have for a few reasons…
  2. Turtle. Similar to fish, turtles are really easy to take care of…
  3. Hamsters…
  4. Lizards…
  5. Hermit crabs.


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Top 10 best pets for college students - dorm room pets - toptenz

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Fishes are ideal pets that you can keep in your college dorm. The point is that they are absolutely silent that do not require much maintenance. All you need is to buy an aquarium of the appropriate size, pick the right food and special equipment to keep the water clean.

It’s simply a matter of knowing what pets are good for college dorms. The best college pets are small and low-maintenance. Popular choices include birds, fish, reptiles, and rodents. You’ll find that snakes, turtles, lizards, fish, and hermit crabs are the most hands-off.

Hedgehogs are a popular pet among college dorms. While they may not be the softest pet, you can take them out around friends to show off. However, if you live in certain states, it is illegal to keep them as pets because they are considered wild animals. These animals should be kept by themselves as they are solitary animals.

Of all the easy pets to take care of in a dorm room, a fish has to be one of the easiest. Fish are fun to look at and generally require very little maintenance. Betas, guppies, and goldfish are all fish I have had while living in a dorm. They are especially easy because they don't require any special lights and can live in a regular fish bowl.

Hamsters are one of the most popular small pets, especially for college students. Hamsters are solitary, and they are easy to look after and handle. A student can keep a hamster in the dorm without disturbing the other students. Some of the factors that make hamsters ideal for college students are:

But as pets for the dorm room, they are pretty cute. There are a variety of colors, there are even hairless ones. It is better to get two same-sex rats, in the company it is easier for them to endure captivity. Pros: Suitable for students who are often on the road.

Reptiles: They're Cold, But They Make Great Roommates. Another potential good choice for a dorm pet is a reptile. When it comes to snakes, the schools that allow them generally have a length limit of around five feet. Dr. Jennifer Coates, a veterinarian in Fort Collins, Co says “small, dorm-friendly species include the Milk Snake, Corn Snake, Garter Snake, and Kingsnake.”

Some roomies are crabby, but fortunately even some pet dogs with pinchers will certainly be a lot easier to deal with. Greet to the hermit crab! This little guy is the best dorm animal because of their extremely reduced maintenance and mini size. And also, they are fairly very and also come in an array of customizable coverings.

W&J’s pet-friendly dorm is aptly called the Pet House, and houses up to 32 students and their family pets. Dogs, cats, and many others are all welcome in the Pet House, and fish are welcome in all other residence halls. 7. University of Northern Colorado

You might be able to own an amphibian while living in your dorm room. Smaller amphibians like frogs and salamanders are perfect for student housing, especially if you have a relatively small space to work in the first place.

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