Did people sneak into castles?

Marvin Littel asked a question: Did people sneak into castles?
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Why do castles get attacked?

  • This is also why castles are sometimes assaulted, despite the huge tactical disadvantage: the attackers simply cannot afford to tie up so much of their forces in a siege, or continue supplying them through enemy territory for so long. Ignoring the defenders risks the rest of the army coming under attack at their weakest positions.


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🏘 Can you sneak into hyrule castle?

You won't be able to enter the castle through the gate, so you'll need to sneak around the guards. Climb the vines directly next to Malon and work your way across the cliff, then simply jump off the top of the gate to the ground below.

🏘 Can you sneak into proudspire manor?

Proudspire Manor can be entered through the patio door using the Solitude Fletcher's key, so the manor does not need to be purchased to obtain its unusual gem. This bug is fixed by version 1.9. 26.0. 8 of the Official Skyrim Patch.

🏘 Can you sneak pets into apartments?

If having a pet is prohibited, as stated in the lease agreement, your landlord does have the right to evict – so think very carefully. Sneaking a pet into the apartment may sound like a good idea, but following the terms of the agreement and getting a pet the right way will be more beneficial for you and your pet.

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If you can't handle the guards, you should not be trying to sneak in. Not every character can avoid being captured if his disguise fails. For a character with power throw and athletics, it's trivial to kill everyone.

I never knew what was back there until I moved into the area. It was then I started hearing all kinds of stories from friends and neighbors about how when they were young, they would sneak back onto the property to catch a glimpse of the castles back there. “Castles?!” I remember thinking the first time I heard them mentioned…

Biological warfare: Yep that's right. A sieging force could launch the remains of rotting corpses into the castle causing outbreaks of life-threatening illness. Simple storm: The sieging force could carry on an all out attack at various points of the castle.

Attacking a Castle in the Middle Ages - Siege Warfare Attacking a castle in the Middle Ages included undermining the Castle. The attackers chose the weakest point of the castle for these endeavours and mined underneath a corner. The attackers would dig a tunnel underneath one of the corners of the castle using timber props.

How did cannons bring the time of castles to an end? From the early 1400s, gunpowder and cannons changed the way castles were designed. For example, narrow arrow slits were replaced with wider ...

Another reason is to get to the people inside - kill an enemy supporter / a person with power. Castles would be owned by nobility and therefor worth bringing down. In that way, you gain control of the land and the people. If you were to just pass by, you gain nothing. What you say about luring people out into the open did happen (e.g.

Sometimes, an enemy agent in your own ranks will show your enemies the secret path by which he is accustomed to sneak down the cliff into the neighbouring town for a night’s entertainment. This method enabled Robert Bruce’s nephew Thomas Randolph to take Edinburgh Castle with thirty men in 1314.

2) If there is a lady in the castle who you are trying to court behind her father's back, you can sneak in and see her. 3) Sometimes the king gives you a quest to "meet the spy" in an enemy town, and you have to sneak in during the day and talk to all of the peasants in order to find the spy.

How did they poop in medieval times? During the Middle Ages, rich people built toilets called ‘garderobes’ jutting out of the sides of their castles. A hole in the bottom let everything just drop into a pit or the moat. Not everyone lived in castles – poor people lived in huts and would have used dirty pits like this for toilets.

How did people survive castle sieges. During the medieval period, the castle was the ultimate defensive structure, designed to withstand an army no matter the size and act as a beacon of authority over the land. What most people recognize as “castles” didn’t start to be built until the 12th century onwards, with everything before this ...

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Can yoshi go into castles?

Yoshis are creatures of open spaces, they're uncomfortable and difficult to handle indoors. Most are impossible to even housebreak.

Do people build castles anymore?

Castles Today

Most were in Europe -- there were 10,000 in Germany alone. Although improvements in military technology and the expense of castle construction brought the age of castles to an end, some were built so well that they survive to this day. Some castles are merely ruins, while others have been restored.

How did people protect castles?

The top of the castle walls were the battlements, a protective, tooth shaped parapet often with a wall walk behind it for the soldiers to stand on. The defenders could fire missiles through gaps (crenels). The raised sections between, called merlons, helped to shelter the defenders during an enemy attack.

How do people attack castles?

Everything valuable (people, crops, animals, chattel, etc.) were withdrawn within the castle. That means that the attacker can't just go around the castle, the attacker has to go around the entire cultivated area—because the defender has laid waste to the territory. If you can't bring it in the castle, burn it.

When did people leave castles?

By the 1600s, people didn't want to live in cold and damp castles anymore. Kings, queens and noble men wanted to show off how important and rich they were so they built palaces and great houses. Many existing castles were replaced with much grander homes. Find out more about life inside a palace here.

Why did people build castles?

The main reason castles were built was not for luxury, but for defense and protection. Another reason for the construction of castles was to remind the people of the land who was in charge. In medieval times, the king or lord owned all the land and gave pieces of it to people to use.

Why did people invade castles?

Building lots of large, strong castles was a great way of showing everyone that he was boss. There were lots of families or clans that didn't want him as their King so they came up with clever ways to attack his castles.

Why did people leave castles?

Castles were built to be strong rather than comfortable… The royal family, nobles and clan chiefs left their castles to live in in more comfortable homes, like grand houses and palaces. Eventually, many castles became ruins, which you can still see today. Some were knocked down and replaced with grand houses.

Why did castles fall into decline?

Towards the end of the Middle Ages, castles tended to lose their military significance due to the advent of powerful cannons and permanent artillery fortifications; as a result, castles became more important as residences and statements of power… Comfortable homes were often fashioned within their fortified walls.

Do people break into dorms?

However, getting inside a residence hall is ridiculously easy; you just wait for a resident to open the doors… Burglary in the dorm is no news, as it happens frequently; however, how easy students make it for burglars to steal their stuff can make you scratch your head.

Are people still living in castles?

Despite this, some noble families still own castles today—and a few, like the Percy family of Alnwick Castle, have owned their castle for hundreds of years. Most of these families have replaced their agricultural incomes with money made by opening their properties up to public access.

Did people live in the castles?

The most important person in a castle was the owner —the king, lord, knight or lady. But they didn't live there all the time… Some castles had their lordly living rooms in a completely separate building; a castle within a castle, which could be defended even if the rest of the fortress fell.

Do people live in old castles?

1. Not many people lived there for much of the time. While castles were homes, they weren't permanent residences – the lord, lady and household moved from castle to castle and took their things with them – beds, linen, tableware, tapestries, candlesticks, chests and perhaps even plants in pots!

Do people still live in castles?

Whether you're a child reading a fairytale or an adult resenting sky-high rents for a tiny flat, most of us have longed to live in a grand castle at some point in our lives. But while the most famous castles of all still belong to monarchs or states, there are plenty of incredible chateaux on the market too.

Do people still stay in castles?

There are approximately 1,500 castle sites in England alone, which only stand to show how kings and noblemen rivaled in building bigger, stronger, and more majestic edifices. Unfortunately, only 800 are still standing today, more or less in ruins, out of which only 300 managed to preserve most of their original shape.

How did people poop in castles?

In a medieval castle, a garderobe was usually a simple hole discharging to the outside into a cesspit (akin to a pit latrine) or the moat (like a fish pond toilet), depending on the structure of the building.

What did people wear in castles?

Men wore stockings (hose) and tunics. Noblemen wore tunics or jackets with hose, leggings and breeches. The wealthy also wore furs and jewellery. Women wore long gowns with sleeveless tunics and wimples to cover their hair.

What made people start using castles?

Originally castles were made of wood and timber. Later they were replaced with stone to make them stronger… After the Middle Ages castles weren't built as much, especially as larger artillery and cannon were designed that could easily knock down their walls.

What people lived in medieval castles?

Discover more about the people who lived and worked in castles, from the Lord and Lady to the unfortunate servant who had to clean out the cesspit.

  • The Lord and Lady of the castle.
  • The Soldiers.
  • The Servants.
  • The Cook.
  • The Jester.
  • The Gong-Farmer.
Where did medieval people build castles?

Castles were often built at the top of hills or where they could use some natural features of the land to help with their defense. After the Middle Ages castles weren't built as much, especially as larger artillery and cannon were designed that could easily knock down their walls.

Why did people live in castles?

Why did they build Castles? During the Middle Ages much of Europe was divided up between lords and princes… In order to defend themselves, they built their homes as large castles in the center of the land they ruled. They could defend from attacks as well as prepare to launch attacks of their own from their castles.

Why did people stop building castles?

Why did they stop building castles? Castles were great defences against the enemy. However, when gunpowder was invented the castles stopped being an effective form of defence… The medieval castle with its high vertical walls was no longer the invincible fortification it had been.

Why do people live in castles?