Do colleges have cameras in dorms?

Lucy Hansen asked a question: Do colleges have cameras in dorms?
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Not in the dorm rooms themselves, no. This is because it would erode the 4th Amendment right against privacy within your own domain. Also, it protects against criminal violations that could be taken against you because of the cameras.

Now, public areas of a dorm are acceptable, but usually, given the fact that these things aren't cheap, is generally driven by vandalism. Most dorm elevators here have a camera, or will get one, because people love to mess with elevators. One dorm it's apparently a right of passage to pee in the elevator.


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I know of NO US colleges with surveillance cameras in dorm rooms. It would be rare but possible for such cameras to be in hallways. If there were a Registration Desk where large sums of money changed hands, a camera would be likely as such an area would be treated like any hotel registration desk or like any store.

This is naturally a good caution to have, but I do not think that there is any dangerous activity on campus that warrants the placement of cameras in dorm hallways. Sophie Sharps ’16 state, “I personally would say no to cameras in dorms because they are a huge expense that we can be spending elsewhere.

The public areas of dormitories, including hallways and exit areas would be areas that schools install hidden cameras. They are completely legal as there is no expectation of privacy in public spaces. It would be unlawful, however, to install hidden cameras in dorm rooms, showers, or bathrooms.

According to Campus Safety magazine’s 2016 Video Surveillance Survey, more than nine out of 10 schools, universities and hospitals deploy security cameras on their campuses. Because video...

While a security camera will help make the dorm safe, it’s important to get permission from roommates before investing in this security measure. It’s also a good idea to check university dorm policies to verify that these kinds of devices are allowed.

Let’s face it. When you are in high school and living with your parents, you really don’t have any right to privacy in your bedroom. But you are in college now, and you do have a recognized constitutional right to privacy in your dorm room. Here is how it works: 1. Police Searches. For purposes of a search by the police, college students have the same right to privacy as they would in a private apartment.

But are they legal? The short answer is, unfortunately, yes. New York does not have any statutory or common law general right to privacy. The Civil Rights Law protects privacy only for unauthorized use of a person’s image in advertising. Civ. Rights Law §§50 & 51.

Luckily, college ranking sites Niche and the Princeton Review have provided some guidance. To find the best dorms, Niche looked at more than 4,000 universities across the country and measured schools across four separate factors: student surveys on campus housing, average housing cost, housing capacity, and student housing crime rate. The result was a diverse range of public, private, and for-profit schools from every part of the country.

Vandalism – Visible security cameras can be targets for vandalism and tampering. Damaged cameras can cause lapses in your recording. Privacy – Cameras should only record in public areas throughout the campus grounds and facilities. Private areas such as bathrooms, faculty break rooms, and dorm rooms are considered inappropriate for video surveillance installation.

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