Do open houses work to sell a house?

Emelie Lehner asked a question: Do open houses work to sell a house?
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  • Many agents will tell you that open houses actually translate into very few actual sales, percentage wise. Instead, potential buyers are more likely to make an offer after one-on-one showings. If you are trying to sell your home on your own, however, you may be able to benefit from an open house.


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  • It’s hard to say what percentage of home sales are directly tied to that home’s open house, although many agents agree that open houses are effective. In addition to being a strategy to sell that particular home, open houses have become a way for agents to connect with other agents, prospect and collect buyer leads.

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House auctions work by giving prospective homebuyers a chance to bid on foreclosed properties. Winning bids are typically lower than market prices, but you'll have to do your homework. A lot of it, in fact, to make sure you don't end up with a money pit. You'll also probably need to be able to pay in full with cash.

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Home equity is the difference between the market value of your home and the amount you owe on your mortgage and other debts secured by the home. If you sell a home in which you have equity, you can keep the difference once closing costs are paid and use it for new housing, other expenses, or savings.

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So really how effective are open houses? The answer often is not very. HomeGo knows this. When you work with HomeGo to sell your house, you don’t have to have an open house. We want to sell your home quickly and without all the extra work.

While most open houses may not lead to a sale, the National Association of Realtors cites a study showing that open houses might not be all bad news. 1  Homes shown in open houses sell for $9,000 more on average, and they spend about a week less on the market. However, no connection has been proven between the open house event and the sales.

More than two decades later, the view that open houses don’t sell homes remains common. “The answer to that question would be no,” Weix said when asked if open houses actually sell properties.

Open houses may benefit real estate agents more than sellers, because they serve as a way for agents to meet prospective clients. The risk of theft is a major downside of open houses. Visitors can...

Open houses are a routine part of selling a home. They're a great way to announce your home being on the market and generating leads. Even if you don't find a buyer for your home right away, you can use open houses to gather feedback about your property and learn more about what buyers in the area are looking for.

An open house is an event during which potential buyers can tour a home that’s on the market. It’s usually hosted by the seller’s listing agent, or by the seller themselves, in case of a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) listing. Open houses usually take place on weekends, during a set range of hours — typically midday.

There’s one exception: If you list the home online and hold an open house almost immediately, the home can sell more quickly — and for a higher price. The higher the exposure, the greater the...

An open house invites people to tour a home that is for sale. A listing real estate agent often schedules two different types of open houses: a "broker only" open house to other agents, during the...

6 minute read. This is a common question from both sellers and real estate agents — and the short answer is yes. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, 72% of sellers in urban areas, 63% of sellers in suburban areas and 47% of sellers in rural areas hold an open house. But do open houses sell homes, and are open houses ...

Is it worth holding an open day at the house we are trying to sell? I hate the idea but will do it if it really gets results Open days: annoying for buyers, but an estate agent’s dream.

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  • Consider this real estate open house checklist. Buyers want to be able to visualize themselves—and their things—in your home. Make this task easier for them by simplifying the space. When it comes to preparing for an open house, less (stuff) is more.
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