Does rpi have single dorms?

Kathlyn Marvin asked a question: Does rpi have single dorms?
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Yes, everyone has a single room and 6 people in the suite shares a common room and bathroom.


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It's not an 'introvert's dorm' (I don't think any dorms are, especially not Quad), it's the extroversion that creates the emptiness. Nor do I "skip class because I'm lazy", I enjoy the longboard ride down the hill in the morning.

To view a list of the halls and apartments on campus, including descriptions and floor plans, select a year from the dropdown list. Housing rates may not currently be correct for up to date housing rates please go here. Please note: Only Rensselaer students, using their login credentials, will be able to see the floor plans.

Freshman have 12 residence halls that they can live in. They are: Davison Hall; Barton Hall; Bray Hall*~ Burdett Avenue Residence Hall (BARH) Cary Hall*~ Crockett Hall* E-Complex; Hall Hall*~ Nason Hall*~ North Hall; Nugent Hall; Warren Hall; Sharp Hall; Key: * Called the Freshmen Five. These are mirrored versions of the same floor plan. ~ Themed housing on one floor.

Residence Halls. Our clustered-living approach makes for a robust residential community. Most first-year students live in freshman-only residence halls; sophomores can also select Greek life, while junior and senior students can live on or off campus.

All the RAHP apartments and the Stacwyck apartments are suites with four single rooms with a kitchen and a living room. In Colonies B, the doubles are separated into two rooms with a bathroom in between, so it’s mostly like two singles sharing a bathroom. There are some singles in Quad.

You will find the application here you may complete it and email it to [email protected] or fax it to the Office of Student Living and Learning at 518-276-6223. Additionally, paper copies are available in the Office of Student Living and Learning located below Commons Dining Hall. Please note that housing for the two weeks between Spring ...

Click on the subcategories (hover over "ROOM PHOTOS" for the drop-down) to see rooms based on location. If you would like to submit pictures of your room email [email protected] or [email protected] with your pictures and dorm location. You can view more information at this link. It has pricing, comprehensive descriptions, and floor plans. Please keep in mind…

One thing should be noted about RPI: most of our residence halls have not been updated in a while. If the distance from the Lally School building (Pittsburgh) is the most important to you, then room in Blitman Residence Halls. It is the closest to the Lally School building (Pittsburgh) but it does not have singles, there are only doubles.

So RPI can have mask-less tour groups of 30+ people from all over the country, but vaccinated students can't go into each others dorms? I'll snap a picture next time. 204

So RPI can have mask-less tour groups of 30+ people from all over the country, but vaccinated students can't go into each others dorms?

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