Does usps deliver dorms?

Rachel Fritsch asked a question: Does usps deliver dorms?
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Dormitories or Residence Halls - Mail is delivered to dormitory buildings and residence halls when addressed to a specific building… Post Office personnel are not to distribute mail into apartment-type mailboxes.


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  • The USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate service will ship your package anywhere in the U.S. in 1-3 business days for a flat fee. To ship with this service, you’ll first need a free Flat Rate box from the USPS.

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See International Mail Manual section 221.2 for additional details. Get free shipping supplies, including Flat Rate Envelopes for sending items up to 4 lbs. Postage prices start at $45.95.

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  • The least expensive priority mail flat rate envelopes are $5.75. These range in size from 5" x 10" up to 12-1/2" x 9-1/2". By comparison, sending a 12-1/2" x 9-1/2" priority envelope that weighs five pounds would cost $21.55 instead of the flat rate of $5.75.

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  • The Postal Service uses the word "flats" to refer to large envelopes, newsletters, and magazines.

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I shipped two boxes of personal items that my daughter needed from Ohio to the University of Oklahoma last week, and I paid $29 to have them shipped priority 2-day delivery, only to find that yes, the USPS had delivered the boxes in two-days, but to a university center that accepts all mail from the USPS, sorts it by delivery area (dorm or campus apartments), without USPS intervention!

631.52 Dormitories or Residence Halls Mail is delivered to dormitory buildings and residence halls when addressed to a specific building. Mail is delivered in bulk to a designated representative of the school or prop­erty, who then becomes responsible for further distribution to students and residents.

With respect to college and university dorms and residence halls, administrators should be aware that USPS mail may be authorized to be delivered in bulk to a designated representative of the school or property at the dormitory buildings and residence halls, if the mail is addressed to a specific university building.

Package was sent with USPS but is being delivered to my dorm... gooddriver 8 replies 16 threads New Member January 2010 edited February 2010 in University of California - Santa Barbara

What is Single Point Delivery? - USPS

Colleges and universities are always looking for ways to do better, be more efficient, make life easier and be more productive. That's where UPS can help, from college athletics and university shipping to The UPS Store® business center and mail services. We can streamline campus services shipping processes before, during, and after delivery to ...

Depending on your home country a customs tax may be applied in addition to your shipping cost. Where can I ship to? We can deliver to more than 200 countries around the world such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc. Please note: At this time, we do not ship to APO/FPO addresses or college dorms.

We are staffed starting at 9 AM each weekday to pickup USPS mail/packages (the USPS does not deliver to dorms and only makes the mail available for us to pickup by 8:30-9AM each weekday). Commons and Hullabaloo are staffed with mail processing clerks starting at 9:30-10 AM.

, Sales Retention Agent at U.S. Postal Service (1987-present) Answered 2 years ago · Author has 95 answers and 159.5K answer views It is not feasible since it would be extremely time consuming Universities and colleges have their own mailroom and are responsible for the distribution of student and facultymail.

Mail at large apartments go through a mail room. USPS has a person who drops/sorts mail in each box. The apartment will also have property management who helps oversee this and stores large packages in an allocated space. Apartments are tricky. Most lost packages are due to neglect of the box number or someone taking it from an open area.

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