Does wku have dorms?

Dandre Abshire asked a question: Does wku have dorms?
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Nearly 5,000 students live and learn in our 15 residence halls and 2 apartment buildings on WKU's campus. Our Living Learning Communities provide students with opportunities to connect in their residence hall with their classmates and passionate WKU faculty and staff through their areas of interest or study.


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Room and Board Costs & Expenses. Western Kentucky University offers students separate housing and dining options. The on-campus housing expense for any average student was $4,678 in 2019 - 2020, and the price of a standard dining plan was $3,754.

in WKU’s current dorms will increase to cover some of the upcoming con-struction costs. Despite the increase, WKU will still have a housing price comparable to prices at other universities. WKU’s current cost of housing per semester is between $2,134 and $2,395 for on-campus housing with one roommate. WKU’s housing is closer to the lower

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Private rooms are 1.35 times the standard rate and are available if space permits. The WKU First Year Village is located on the south end of campus, where focused first-year programming takes place and is home to most Living Learning Communities.

About WKU Housing & Residence Life When you live on campus at Western Kentucky University, you have the unique opportunity to live in community with Hilltoppers from down the road and across the globe. Our living options will enable you to learn about yourself and others, experience meaningful connections, and realize your peak potential.

We have numerous amounts of restaurants just minutes away from the dorms. Such as, Papa Johns, Subway, Pop Eyes Chicken, Chick-Fil- A, Red Zone, etc. WKU also offers Meal Plans & Meal Plan Dollars. For example, I have 12 meal plans that renew themselves weekly & 250 Meal Plan Dollars that I receive at the beginning of every semester.

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