Eagle dorm jmu?

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  • 1. Eagle Hall ( The Dirty Bird ) The name written above in parentheses is not just a funny nickname, it is very accurate. From the outside Eagle Hall ...
  • 2. The Village.
  • 3. Hillside.
  • 4. Skyline.
  • 5. Bluestone.


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JMU Location: Eagle Hall. Eagle Hall 431 Bluestone Drive. Eagle Hall, a residence hall completed in 1970, was named after Alfred Eagle, former director of guidance, counseling and placement and a professor of education.

Each floor in Eagle Hall is comprised of three wings with seven double rooms and one wing with six double rooms. Two wings of residents share a bath. Each bath is cleaned by housekeeping staff on a regular basis. A small kitchen with a microwave is located on each floor and a large fully equipped kitchen is available on the ground floor.

View James Madison Eagle Hall dorm reviews submitted by James Madison University college students and alumni… I would recommend somewhere else to live if possible but if you end up in eagle its not that bad…

Eagle has a bad reputation of being a heavily party-oriented dorm, and often has fire alarms going off in the middle of the night. People do love living in Lakeside, and they sometimes choose to go back to live for another year. Mrs. Green’s, a buffet or carry-out food option, is located in the basement of Chandler Hall.

Trying to match which dorm was which building becomes harder and harder as you realized you were lost for 85% of the tour. Have no fear! Here’s the ranking of the worst dorms at James Madison University from worst to best: 1. Eagle Hall ( The Dirty Bird ) The name written above in parentheses is not just a funny nickname, it is very accurate.

Eagle Hall on a Saturday night.

That being said... A dorm doesn't make or break your freshman experience. You're still at JMU, you're still probably gonna have classes scattered across campus, and you're still gonna have all the ups and downs all freshmen have. At the end of the day, Eagle's just an old building. But you're still a Duke!

The Worst: Shorts. You've got everything bad about Eagle without the fun of saying you live in Eagle. It's a lose-lose situation. But don't worry, at least you're close to Newman Lake, which is the place to go for lonely crying sessions.. Although JMU definitely has good and bad residence halls, we can all agree that we're still the greatest university on the planet.

The people you will meet will be worth it. There's nothin like bonding over the problems of Eagle. Someone else said this, but basically don't be a dick. If everyone in Eagle listened to that, probably 50% of the problems I had when I lived there wouldn't have been actual problems. level 1.

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  • Bluestone. The Best: Hoffman. The Worst: Spotswood.
  • Village. The Best: Hanson. The Worst: Dingledine.
  • Hillside. The Best: Hillside. The Worst: McGraw-Long.
  • Skyline. The Best: Potomac. The Worst: Shenandoah.
  • Lakeside. The Best: Eagle. The Worst: Shorts.
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  • The Ranking of JMU Dorms & Areas. #1: The Village Area. Huffman, Frederikson, Garber, Ikenberry, Dingledine, Chappelear, and Hanson are the freshman dorms in this area, and White Hall is the only upperclassmen hall in the Village.
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