Edwards afb dorm management?

Jailyn Kovacek asked a question: Edwards afb dorm management?
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Consolidated Dormitory Management Office is located at 141 W Popson Avenue, Building 2511, Edwards AFB, CA 93524. Consolidated Dormitory Management Office can be reached by their main phone number at (661) 277-6783. The listed DSN line is 312-527-6783.


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Consolidated Dorm Management is located at 221 Missile Ave, Dorm 221, Minot AFB, ND 58705. Consolidated Dorm Management can be reached by their main phone number at (701) 723-7284. The listed DSN line is 312-453-7284.

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Edwards AFB has a School Liaison Officer who is the central point of contact for school related matters working directly with base leadership, families, school districts, and local communities and can be contacted at (661) 277-3210.

Edwards AFB on-base housing is privatized and operated by Corvias Military Homes - Edwards (661) 385-6060, which offers duplexes and single family homes with 2-4 bedrooms. They're a pet friendly community with washer and dryer hookups, lawn care, water and sewer included.

New dorm complete for Edwards Airmen. Centrally located for all occupants is a full-sized kitchen and eating area. Renovations to Dorm 2423 have recently been completed with Airmen slowly moving into their new home. The $6.8 million project began almost two years ago, with the last renovation done in 1994.

Staff Sgt. Marcos Martinez recently joined the 412th Civil Engineer Group’s Consolidated Dormitory Management Office at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., as the new airman dorm leader. The ADL is a special-duty position; which is hand-picked by 412th Test Wing Command Chief Master Sgt. Roosevelt Jones. Martinez will have many responsibilities ...

Edwards AFB will only be open to active duty and their dependents or people who work or reside on the installation. SOUTH GATE . South Base/Lancaster Blvd. Gate Operations-Open Monday 0500 through Friday 2300-Open Saturday 0500-2100-Open Sunday 0500-2100-Open federal holidays/down days 0500-2100 (with approval)

Report maintenance issues immediately. We cannot help you if you don't report an issue. If something is not fixed after 7 days, follow up with Dorm Management so we can call customer service for an update. This is necessary to ensure your problem is fixed in the most timely manner possible.

In certain circumstances, such as to make space available for more junior personnel, you may be authorized to move out before reaching E-4 with greater than 3 years of service. The most senior Airmen are released first. Your Airmen Dorm Leader or UH Management Office representative will advise residents when early release is necessary. 7.

Schools available to Anderson AFB (Note: Michael Anderson Elementary is located on Fairchild AFB. All other students are bused to their schools.) Michael Anderson Elementary School (on Fairchild AFB) Public - Grades Prekindergarten - 6 400 w. Fairchild Highway, Fairchild AFB, WA 99011 (509) 565-3600

The Holloman AFB School Liaison Officer is located in the Airman & Family Readiness Center, 749 New Mexico Ave, Bldg 788, Holloman AFB, NM 88330. DSN: 572-7754 Comm. 575-572-7754. RESOURCES

Edwards AFB Housing Division Office 210 Spiro Ave Edwards AFB, CA 93524 Phone: +1(661) 277-6783. Edwards AFB Housing Office. The first thing you should do once you relocate to Edwards Air Force Base is head to the Housing Management Office. There you will receive a warm welcome from a team of professionals looking to help take the stress out of relocating.

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