Englands toughest castle?

Kristopher Ratke asked a question: Englands toughest castle?
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Englands toughest castle? scarborough castle - history

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Dover Castle

Other castles were built in southern England, designed to protect the country from future invasion. One of the most formidable of all was Dover Castle – built alongside one of the narrowest parts of the channel, which separates England from mainland Europe.


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Under Henry III, enormous sums are spent strengthening Dover, making it one of the largest and most strategically important castles in England. 1263-65 De Montfort's Dover. Simon de Montfort challenges Henry III's government and captures Dover Castle. The future Edward I is briefly held prisoner here.

Shame few know about Corfe Castle in Dorset, now a ruin (due to its stand against Cromwell) certainly Britian’s strongest castle in its day, and one of the 5 royal castles. Even in its current state itis immense.

Amongst these are Bolebroke Castle, Bovey Castle, Bruce Castle, Castle Ashby, Castle Howard, Clifton Castle, Highclere Castle, Mereworth Castle, New Wardour Castle, Sherborne Castle, Wentworth Castle, and Wisbech Castle.

17. Malbork Castle, Poland. An unfathomable number of red bricks went into the making of Poland’s Malbork Castle. A classic medieval fortress founded by the Teutonic Knights, complete with moats, towers and ramparts, the castle was pulverised during World War II. Today, visitors can see the result of admirable and ongoing restoration.

Add to Plan. Almost as famous as the white cliffs it sits atop, Dover Castle is known as the “key to England” and has been at the heart of national defence for almost 1,000 years. It’s the largest castle in the country, and equalled in its long-standing defensive role by only Windsor Castle and the Tower of London.

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Today we bring you our video from the amazing and incredible Scarborough Castle. Recently we visited, and were fascinated to find out the rich history of thi...

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Among the 66 castles in the care of English Heritage, many have faced some of the country’s toughest sieges and their ruins today reveal scars from their violent pasts. This season we’re celebrating the history of castles with our #LoveCastles campaign. Here you can learn more about the castles we protect – from their turbulent pasts to the way we care for them today for future generations.

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