Fgcu student dies in dorm?

Ulices Renner asked a question: Fgcu student dies in dorm?
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  • After less than a month on campus, a 19-year-old freshman at FGCU was pronounced dead at Gulf Coast Hospital Medical Center early Sunday after he was reported in distress at a university dorm. Susan Evans, vice president and chief of staff at FGCU, confirmed the death Sunday afternoon of Austin Lee Vonckx, 19, of Trinity, Pasco County.


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An FGCU student is dead after a reported distress call to his Biscayne dorm in the South Village campus dorms early Sunday morning. According to University Police’s report, at 4:06 am on Sunday morning, UPD responded to a sick person’s distress call in South Village on Florida Gulf Coast University’s campus.

After less than a month on campus, a 19-year-old freshman at FGCU was pronounced dead at Gulf Coast Hospital Medical Center early Sunday after he was reported in distress at a university dorm.

A family friend confirms that alcohol played no role in the death of Florida Gulf Coast University freshman Austin Vonckx, who died after a distress call to his South Village dorm in the early hours of Sunday morning. Julie Escobar, a family friend of Vonckx, provided further confirmation on Vonckx’s cause of death: that...

Hundreds of students gathered in front of the South Village Dining Hall to memorialize Austin Lee Vonckx, the FGCU student who died Sunday morning in his dorm room.

A freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University has died after being found in apparent "distress" at a dorm. University Vice President Susan Evans told the News-Press of Fort Myers that rescue crews...

Housing & Residence Life. 12101 FGCU Lake Parkway E. Fort Myers, FL 33965. 239-590-1700. 239-590-1702 (fax) Email Us.

Student Life; Housing; Live the FGCU Life; South Village ; SoVi: So right for newer students . South Village (SoVi) is primarily reserved for freshman and a limited number of sophomores and lower-level transfer students. SoVi is home to the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program, designed to help students have a successful transition to college life. Amenities. Floor Plans. Map . Want to live where you learn? Explore our Living Learning Communities. view options . Amenities ...

Honors housing for those who are not First Time in College students is located in FGCU’s North Lake Village in close proximity to Eagle’s Landing and the lakefront picnic and recreation area, and is directly on the waterfront. The Honors Building is a 96-bed, apartment-style residential building where students have private bedrooms and extensive amenities.

Decals distributed to Student Housing residents must be fully affixed from the inside, mid-way down the driver’s corner of the front windshield. If it is NOT fully affixed to the windshield you will be cited for improper placement of the permit. Student decal and permit costs are included in the per credit hour tuition. Postal. Toggle More Info. All students who live on campus are assigned a mailbox located in the Ackert Community Center building in North Lake Village, in the main lobbies ...

Florida Gulf Coast University’s on-campus housing is among the best in America, according to the website Niche. The educational data aggregator’s “2018 Best College Dorms in America” list ranks FGCU as the only public institution in the top 10. Rice University, High Point University and Washington University in St. Louis also made the list. In reporting on the new rankings, University Magazine’s Melissa Dimon writes, “Top-ranked colleges offer outstanding campus housing that is ...

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