Former msu student sentenced in 2014 dorm thefts?

Luigi Prosacco asked a question: Former msu student sentenced in 2014 dorm thefts?
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Terry Wallace, 21, of Detroit, was sentenced Wednesday in Ingham County Circuit Court for his role in the theft of computers, cell phones, cameras, cash and other items from unlocked Hubbard Hall dorm rooms. There were about 12 incidents over a 15-day period, police said.


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MANKATO — A former Minnesota State University student who was found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl in his dorm room was sentenced to four years in prison. John Thomas Owen, 19, of Mazeppa ...

EAST LANSING — A former Michigan State University student was sentenced to 18 months to 15 years in prison this week in connection with a rash of robberies at an MSU dormitory in February of 2014.

Three former Michigan State University football players who pleaded guilty in a sexual assault case were sentenced to 36 months probation in court on Wednesd...

Jeremy Christopher Ford, 25, pleaded guilty to home invasion charges in Ingham County Circuit Court in December and was sentenced last month to 1 1 / 2 to 15 years in prison.

Man sentenced to prison for MSU home invasions October 2, 2015. On Sept. 30, Ingham County 30th Circuit Court Judge William E. Collette sentenced Terry Sanchez Wallace to 18-180 months in prison for his involvement in a series of home invasions that occurred in Hubbard Hall on the campus of Michigan State University during February 2014.

Wallace was the first member of his family to attend college in generations, and attended Michigan State University to study finance and accounting, but, after undergoing financial difficulties, he and a friend of his began robbing other students' dormitories, and stole $20,000 worth of electronics and money from other students in February 2014.

MSU Student Advisor Sentenced In Drug & Burglary Cases. MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Mankato man has been sentenced to 20 days in jail for a pair of crimes inside two women’s dorm rooms. On Monday ...

Former MSU student sentenced for Yik Yak shooting threat. Kevin Grasha. [email protected] View Comments. View Comments. MASON -- Matthew Mullen was in his Michigan State University dorm room the ...

Ex-MSU gymnastics coach Klages was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 18 months probation Aug. 4. Klages' charges also stemmed from the investigation into MSU's handling of Nassar’s abuse.

The aunt of rapper Tee Grizzley was killed in a drive-by shooting in Detroit, MI on Tuesday, Aug. 20. The condition of Grizzley, real name Terry Sanchez Wallace, is unknown. Sources say the rapper was the intended target of gunmen who opened fire as Grizzley was exiting the vehicle around 9 p.m. on Tuesday. TMZ reports Tee's aunt, Jobina Brown ...

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