Gsu dorm rates?

Dejon Anderson asked a question: Gsu dorm rates?
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  • In 2019 - 2020, students at Georgia State paid $11,090 for housing and $3,868 for dining. Find out Georgia State University costs for both on-campus and off-campus housing, as well as dining plans and other charges in the the next table.


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Piedmont Central is the newest residence hall at Georgia State and houses about 1,200 residents. Piedmont Central offers two private bedrooms and one shared bath for two residents or two shared bedrooms with one shared bath for four residents. Check out this video tour of Piedmont Central.

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Welcome home—it's great to have you here!

  • Central. Collins, Eigenmann, Hillcrest, Teter, Union Street Center, Wright.
  • Northeast. Campus View, Redbud Hill, Tulip Tree.
  • Northwest. Briscoe, Foster, McNutt, Walnut Grove Center.
  • Southeast. 3rd & Union, Forest, Mason, Read, Spruce, University East, Wells, Willkie.
  • Off Campus.

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