How are house comps calculated?

Mandy Hudson asked a question: How are house comps calculated?
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How to find actual comps on a difficult property

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Comps are typically determined by comparing the property in question to other properties within a 1-mile radius, which have sold within the last year and have similar attributes (such as the same number of bedrooms, age, subdivision, square footage, etc).


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Use the cost or income approach for an accurate appraisal

Even in states with no MLS and no disclosure, or even if the property is a geodesic dome rather than a conventional house, any property can be appraised. If you can't find sufficient comps, the cost approach will usually work.

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Rent is calculated on the total household income and the makeup of the household. It is charged weekly. A proportion of the principal earner's income is taken, together with a contribution from all subsidiary earners in the household.

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How to determine my home value? | how your house value is calculated?

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How long are house comps good for?

When the house was built

It should come as no surprise that new homes fetch a higher price than older ones. It's not that old houses can't be nice, it's just that they're less likely to be in a good of condition as a recently built one. The recommended age range for comps is 5 years.

How to find the best real estate comps for your home?
  • Tips when looking for the best real estate comps. 1 Only use sold homes. Ignore homes that are currently for sale or pending. Why? Sellers can overprice the home and then end up settling for much lower. 2 Pay attention to the type of home. 3 Look closely at photos. 4 Read the listing description. 5 See it in person. More items

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How to run real estate comps on zillow | free tool to make it easier! How to get comps at caesars palace?

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