How are quads like in msu dorms?

Tommie Kunde asked a question: How are quads like in msu dorms?
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  • The sleeping area is split so that two people share a side and there is a small living room to put a tv and two futons in. The quads each have their own bathroom, so you never have to make the trek down the hallway in shower shoes and a towel. Most people really enjoy having four roommates and living in the quads.


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South Complex (the admin calls it South "Campus") is, many ways, like a small LAC in itself -- with classrooms, auditoriums, prof offices and several cafeterias (in each of the 4 dorm buildings) ... there's even a quad-like courtyard in the center meaning lots of Frisbee...

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The quads each have their own bathroom, so you never have to make the trek down the hallway in shower shoes and a towel. Most people really enjoy having four roommates and living in the quads. You won’t have to face the tundra too often during the winter since most of the large lecture halls are right across the courtyard.

Most rooms are setup as 2 double rooms that share a suite-style common room. Suite style carpeted rooms. Sinks in individual rooms. Direct internet access. Free Cable TV in the common areas of the Quads. Each Quad building has a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, laundry facilities, and a spacious study area.

One big thing that makes the rooms at Akers a little different from others is that these are quads. In other words, there will be four people to a room instead of two. This could be either really good if you’re outgoing or a total nightmare if you’re the more introverted type.

Akers Hall is located in East Neighborhood and was built in 1964. It is named after Forest H. Akers, an MSU student from the early 1900s. Residents in Akers enjoy a unique housing style that features two-bedroom suites with a separate living/study area and a bathroom shared only by suite occupants. FLOOR PLAN. Quad Room. B) Holmes Hall

Akers Hall. Akers Hall is known by Spartans for its completely unique, apartment-like living experience that features two-bedroom suites, a separate living/study area and a bathroom shared only by suite occupants. The hall is home to The Edge dining hall. Fun fact: Akers Hall is named after Forest H. Akers, an MSU student from the early 1900s.

Shaw Hall is known by Spartans for being conveniently located at the heart of campus and across the street from the CATA bus station. The hall is home to The Vista, a newly renovated residential dining facility. Fun fact: Shaw Hall is named for Robert Sidney Shaw, MSU’s 11th president who led the University through the Great Depression.

The window in a quad-style bedroom is tiny, and a draft never reached above ground level, so I had to buy a clip-on fan for my bedrail. The beds were lofted over a desk.

Shaw, Holden, Snyphi, Landon are where Sophomores tend to live in each Neighborhood (East I have no idea, Akers quads?). You could probably live with your freshman friend, but you'll have to go to the housing office and have some form of written/email consent from your friend.

The Michigan State University dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of Michigan State University on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and Michigan State University likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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