How are the dorms at shaw air force base?

Christop Bashirian asked a question: How are the dorms at shaw air force base?
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  • Two of the D4A dorms have a single dayroom. Each dorm has a shared pavilion to be used for cook outs and a separate area for smoking. We also have two basketball courts and a volleyball court for your enjoyment.


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The permanent party UH campus at Shaw AFB consists of three 1+1 dormitories, one 2+2 dormitory, and four Dorms-4-Airmen (D4A) dormitories. Our dormitory configurations are: 1+1 - shared kitchen and bathroom concept; 2+2 - shared bathrooms only; D4A - shared common space, i.e. kitchen, living area with flat screens and cable installed, walk-in closets and washers/dryers.

Shaw AFB Dorms, Shaw AFB. 509 likes. For work orders, in-bound Airmen, & questions please call us at 803-895-5627 or stop by our office. For after hours,...

We don't have a huge budget here in the dorms, but we have a lot of needs for things," explained Ailstock. Ailstock put in four packages for end-of-the-year money for the Airmen which included: new stoves, refrigerators, mattresses, more bedding for incoming Airmen, and tables and chairs.

The new Air Force construction standard provides a private bath for each bedroom and a shared kitchen and common area, similar what you may find in the local community. Not every installation has the newest style dorms, however, so you may be in a dormitory that shares a bathroom with another Airman. You will still have a private room. 8.

Personally owned weapons like this .4 Zero Glock can be registered at 20th Security Forces Squadron at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. Personnel living in the dorms, bachelor living quarters, temporary living facilities or lodging facilities may register weapons and store all firearms and ammunition with 20th SFs armory.

Shaw Air Force Base Information and Referral Services. (803) 895-1253. Shaw Air Force Base ID/CAC Card Processing. (803) 895-1596. Shaw Air Force Base Temporary Lodging/Billeting. (803) 895-3803 ...

Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC is celebrating 75 years of service in 2016 and we are showcasing Shaw throughout the years with our "Soaring Through the De...

Shaw Air Force Base. Beginning on Wednesday, 9 September, the BX Pharmacy will be open for walk-in pick-up services on Wednesdays and Fridays from 0800-1400. Drive-thru services on Mondays from 0800-1400 will continue UNTIL 1 October.

#4 – Osan Air Base, South Korea. The consensus we got from Air Force veterans was that the amount of time you spend doing exercises at Osan is insane coupled with the fact that the place smelled badly gets this duty station on our list. #3 – Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

Shaw Air Force Base (Shaw AFB) (IATA: SSC, ICAO: KSSC, FAA LID: SSC) is a United States Air Force base located approximately 8.4 miles (13.5 km) west-northwest of downtown Sumter, South Carolina. It is under the jurisdiction of the United States Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC). The United States Air Force 20th Fighter Wing (20th FW) is the host unit.

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