How big do terreria npc house have to be?

Carmine Donnelly asked a question: How big do terreria npc house have to be?
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Including the above frame (floor, side walls, and ceiling), a house must have at least 60 total tiles, but fewer than 750. The house must include a light source, a "flat surface" item, and a "comfort item". The smallest and simplest items which qualify are respectively a torch, a workbench, and a chair.

Here's the house requirements Request to sticky if you feel this was helpful: 1. The room needs to be large enough. The rooms width should be around 14-16 blocks wide and about 6-8 blocks tall.

Complete Terraria NPC house requirements, design tutorial & ideas guide! Focusing on how to build basic housing + tips to create a compact hotel or village…

houses by whichever NPCs appear. There is also a size limit (60-750 tiles including walls, floor and ceiling), and the first house you build will always go to the guide.

An NPC needs 30 blocks' worth of living space to be satisfied. When we include the walls, floor, and ceiling, this becomes 60 but may vary depending on the dimensions. It's worth considering the floor because you can build a home in midair in Terraria and an NPC will happily live there. In fact, it's one way to keep monsters from getting inside.

So 5 blocks wide and 12 high, it should leave a 3x10 space, if you use a work bench as a table it should work, you’ll have to have either the floor or ceiling as a platform to count as an entrance. Check here for more info!

You may have a max of 2 NPCs inside 25 blocks and a max of four NPCs within a hundred and twenty blocks, otherwise it’ll be considered “over crowded” and raise expenses for all NPCs affected. Get extra of a reduction for putting them with NPCs they love vs just like.

The main body is the basic 9x7 minimum, 60-ish tile volume with two wooden platforms at the bottom, either side of a block. The platforms and block will allow you to place a chair and desk inside,...

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