How do you get a deed to a house?

Mikel Romaguera asked a question: How do you get a deed to a house?
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What's the best way to get a copy of a deed to a property? | afx

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Almost all real estate deeds are recorded with the local government entity charged with storing public documents where the property is located. This method usually requires a trip to the recorder's office and a nominal fee, usually just a few dollars. Some recorders have property records available online.


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Real estate investment tips : how to do a quick-claim deed

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  • Regular monthly income. Rent collected, minus your expenses, means a steady, predictable cash flow. Appreciation. While you can’t guarantee that the price of your property will increase, historically, real estate has appreciated over time. Tax deduction. You can deduct certain related expenses from your gross rental income.

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Can i transfer a deed to my house to my kids before i die? : real estate info When are you old enough to get a house?

Most states require that you reach the age of majority (typically 18) to complete legal agreements. Buying real estate and getting a loan both require that you sign a contract. But you can potentially own property as a minor as long as someone of legal age signs the contracts.

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How do you add a name to a property deed? | afx