How do you unlock equipment in castle clash?

Halle Langosh asked a question: How do you unlock equipment in castle clash?
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  • To unlock equipment you must have a evolved hero of a particular type. Then, within the armory the option to unlock the 1st level of equipment will be available for that hero type. This is the first stage of progress on equipment.


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I apologize that not everyone understood how to get the stones in the other video I did so as promised I remade the video and went into more detail. Let me k...

Level to 20 using Aetherrocks, then you need to unlock augment using a rune bought with 3000 Fame, plus 2 dupes (or 10 other runes costing 300 Fame each) EDIT: Corrected level 2

To unlock equipment you must have a evolved hero of a particular type. Then, within the armory the option to unlock the 1st level of equipment will be available for that hero type. Level Up This is the first stage of progress on

FULL Guide on Hero EQUIPMENT. How to use, apply, level up, roll Enchantments, Traits, Aetherocks, Augmenting Stones, Oath Tablets for heroes. What to focus o...

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Castle Crisis is a Server-Wide Event. All players on the server participate together in this event. The event is made up of three normal stages and one final stage. Clear all three normal stages to unlock the final stage.

* Unlock Lvl (+x pets) : the number of duplicate pets needed to reach that skill level from the previous skill level. When first released, Aviar's ATK may have triggered with its Hero's ATK. Recent testing shows that this bug may be fixed and that it now only ATK's when attacked

This Castle Clash video shows how to complete the Homecoming Event. You win 1000 free gems each time you invite a player or invite a smurf account. You can...

A Hero's Might is calculated by the following: Level + Skill Level + Talent Level + (might from Inscription Level) The Might of a hero is (2, 3.5, or 5)* (hero level) + (19.5, 39 or 58.5)* (skill level - 1) + 20* (talent level) + hero value.

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