How long before active duty can palace chase?

Jaylen Funk asked a question: How long before active duty can palace chase?
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According to AFI 36-3205, an active duty service member is eligible for the Palace Chase program when they have completed two-thirds of their initial service commitment.


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Air national guard faq - my experience as an airman and officer

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The AFI says that a Palace Chase application should get an answer within 7-8 weeks of arriving at HQ AFPC. Unfortunately, that timeline isn’t always realistic, and it doesn’t account for your application getting through the links in your chain of command short of AFPC.

Unlike the Palace Chase, the Palace Front is an option for separating airmen who are within 180 days of their separation date. Palace Front is when the active duty member serves all the way to the end of their active duty service commitment, and then wants to transition to the guard or reserve. Palace Front ensures there is no break in service and ...

If accepted for Palace Chase, Airmen double the remaining time on their active-duty commitment to determine their ANG service requirement. For example, if an Airman accepted for Palace Chase has three years remaining on their active-duty contract, that individual will incur a six-year, part-time service commitment to the ANG.

Ryan transferred using the Palace Chase program after serving 11 years on active duty. The Palace Chase program is an early release program that allows active-duty Airmen to request to transfer to a reserve component, either the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard.

For me, this was a lot of waiting, since you can only submit a Palace Chase application 180 days before your requested Date of Separation (DOS), and I want to separate 31 July, so I can get ready to start class in August. PALACE CHASE and PALACE FRONT term of enlistment is determined IAW AFI 36-3205, Applying for the Palace Chase and Palace Front Programs. The term of enlistment must not be less than the amount of time required to fulfill the members’ minimum military service obligation of 8 total years.

Limited Active Duty Service Commitment waivers: Allows eligible airmen to retire no later than Sept. 1, 2021, or separate no later than Sept. 29, 2021.

The Palace Chase service commitment has been shortened. Previously, enlisted airmen moving into the reserve component were required to serve two years for every year of service left within their...

According to AFI 36-3205, an active duty service member is eligible for the Palace Chase program when they have completed two-thirds of their initial service commitment. So, if you started with a 4-year active duty service commitment, you would be eligible when you only have 1 year and 3 months remaining on your commitment.

Airmen interested in the Palace Chase program are no longer required to double their service time, as long as their applications are in before June 30. "Basically it means if you have a year left on your active-duty contract, one year is all you owe to the guard or reserve," said Master Sgt. Kenneth Esaw, Air National Guard recruiter.

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