How long is the tour of eltz castle?

Estell Steuber asked a question: How long is the tour of eltz castle?
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  • The tour of Eltz Castle (for entrance fees, times and duration see Opening Hours, Entrance Fees and Practical Information) is an exciting and informative but also entertaining journey through 850 years of Western architecture and culture. The Entrance to the Rübenach House was converted into an armoury during the Romantic period.


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  • The section Planning Your Trip will provide you with everything you need to know when visiting us, how to reach us, and what to expect at Eltz Castle. We look forward to your visit! Fotography and filming of Eltz Castle is only permitted for private use.

🏘 When was the castle of burg eltz built?

  • One such magical castle, which has been around since the 12th century, has also been the seat of the House of Eltz for 33 generations. The House of Eltz is a notable German noble family of ancient origin, who built the castle around the year 1157 and have ever since been the residents of Burg Eltz.

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The Armoury and Treasury of Eltz Castle is considered one of the most important collections of its kind in Europe. It includes precious gold and silver artefacts as well as porcelain, jewellery, glass, ivory, coins, curiosities and weapons from 850 years of family history. The Knights Hall: Suits of Armour and. Jester’s Masks.

The panorama premium hiking around Eltz Castle has been voted as the Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail. It is about 12.4 km trial or about 4 hours, famous for its great views from the Mosel plateau and its easy access to the forests and meadows along the Elzbach river.

The main part of the castle consists of the family portions. At up to eight stories, these eight towers reach heights of between 30 and 40 metres (98 and 131 ft). They are fortified with strong exterior walls; to the yard they present a partial framework. About 100 members of the owners' families lived in the over 100 rooms of the castle.

They had us wait 30 minutes at the entrance of the castle. Then, we had to wait another 20 minutes in a line (under the sun and in a staircase)... to enter a little courtyard... where we had to wait another 40 minutes to finally visit the interior of the castle with an English-speaking guide.

Guided tours at Burg Eltz A guided tour by one of the castle’s expert guides begins every 10-15 minutes and takes 35 – 40 minutes. Foreign visitors who cannot attend a tour in their own language receive a free translation in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish. Burg Eltz Contact info

Eltz castle (Burg Eltz in German) is an authentic medieval castle that survived the centuries. Its unique setting on an oval rock in the Elzbach valley, surrounded by woodlands and the little stream (on three sides), gives the castle a fairytale and magic appearance. Due to its location, the castle could not be expanded horizontally.

Nowadays, the only way to see the innards of Burg Eltz is via a 45min guided tour – happily, there are a couple of English tours every day.

Guided Tour Of Eltz Castle The only way you can go inside the castle is to go on a guided tour. Tours typically take 45 minutes and run every 10-15 minutes. It’s best to head to the ticket counter first and find out when the next tour is in your desired language.

One of the most beautiful castles in Germany, but is it really worth visiting? This video explains the pros and cons about visiting the Eltz castle in German...

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When was the castle of eltz in germany built?
  • The House of Eltz is a notable German noble family of ancient origin, who built the castle around the year 1157 and have ever since been the residents of Burg Eltz. Built as a Ganerbenburg, meaning it was intended to house several noble families, Eltz Castle is today owned by a community of heirs.
Where is eltz castle in rhineland-palatinate germany?
  • Location of Eltz Castle within Rhineland-Palatinate. Eltz Castle (German: Burg Eltz) is a medieval castle nestled in the hills above the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier, Germany.
Which is the best castle to visit in burg eltz?
  • Pyrmont Castle is one of the attractions near Burg Eltz, and if you go for this hike you will experience all of the beauty in the Eltz Valley. The Eltz Castle is a so-called Ganerbenburg, which means that it’s a castle occupied and managed by several families or family lines at the same time.
Who is the current owner of eltz castle?
  • In 1815 Count Hugo Philipp bought the Rübenach House, since then the Kempenich family has been the sole owner of Eltz castle. Dr. Karl Graf von und zu Eltz-Kempenich, alias Faust von Stromberg, is the present owner of the castle, in the 33st generation!
Who is the owner of eltz castle frankfurt am main?
  • Today Eltz Castle is owned by Dr. Karl Graf von und zu Eltz-Kempenich, alias Faust von Stromberg, the 33rd generation of his family. He lives in Frankfurt am Main and the castle is managed by two castellans (wardens or constables) who are in charge of handling the tourism business and the preservation of the artifacts on-site.
Why was the castle of eltz uttingen destroyed?
  • In the Palatinate War of Succession from 1688 to 1689, most of the early Rhenish castles were destroyed. Since Hans Anton was a senior officer in the French army to Eltz Üttingen, he was able to protect the castle Eltz from destruction. Count Hugo Philipp zu Eltz was thought to have fled during the French rule on the Rhine from 1794 to 1815.