How long should i run a whole house fan?

Dana Swift asked a question: How long should i run a whole house fan?
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For best results, run your whole house fan for at least 10 minutes first thing in the morning to bring a cool breeze through the house and into the attic. This will expel any hot stale air buildup from the night before. Then, close windows, doors and the blinds on the sunny side of your home.


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How long should you run a whole house fan? Most whole-house fan manufacturers will list the capability of the fan to the square footage of your house. Some believe a complete change of the home's air should be accomplished every 3 or 4 minutes. Many fans include a CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating.

How long should whole house fan run? So, the optimal amount of time to use your whole house fan is exactly how long it will stay at its coldest. Whether that lasts for two hours or eight hours, it does not matter as long as it is as cool outside as one would want inside.

Calculate the appropriate size of a whole-house fan needed to properly ventilate your home. Multiply the number of square feet of the floor area you want to cool by the room height from floor to...

Turn ON the whole house fan. Flip the switch and run the whole house fan at its highest speed for around half an hour. Once the home is cool enough you can change the speed to a lower setting to reduce the fan’s energy consumption. Turn OFF the fan when it gets hot outside. The worst thing you can do with a whole house fan is to run it when the outside temperature is higher than that is inside the house.

How Long Will It Take To Cool My Home And How Long Should I Keep The Fan On? Part 2 On average you should run the fan for 4-5 hours to ensure the attic is cooled. The attic is what keeps the home hot. We always recommend the use of a timer. Keep in mind that our systems will provide you with a whole house ventilation fan that can be used to exhaust cooking odor, stale indoor air, etc. Weather is also a factor.

Whole house fans should provide houses with 3 to 6 air changes per hour (varies with climate, floor plan, etc.—check with a professional to determine what is appropriate for your home). The air-change rate you will choose depends on your climate and how much you will depend on the whole house fan for cooling.

How To Run Your Whole House Fan To Save The Most Energy. With top models allowing you to save between 50% to 90% on your home's cooling costs, it makes sense to get the most possible out of your whole house fan. While these systems are an excellent way to cool your house and supplement the use of your air conditioning, they won't do much if the owner doesn't take full advantage of how it works ...

Most whole-house fan manufacturers will list the capability of the fan to the square footage of your house. Some believe a complete change of the home's air should be accomplished every 3 or 4 minutes. Many fans include a CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating. The greater the CFM value, the more air it can move.

Don't make a similar mistake with a whole house fan. These fans all have different capacities. They can push only so much air. Assuming that you have 8 foot ceilings, determine the total square footage of your house. Multiply this number by 3. The result is the minimum cubic feet per minute capacity that the fan must produce. Exhaust

Possible Reduced Fan Motor Life. If you don’t replace your filter often enough, it could put a lot of undue stress on your fan motor, as it has to work a lot harder to move air through a clogged filter. This can be alleviated by changing the filter every couple of months. 3.

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