How many bedrooms in barberstown castle?

Milo Schamberger asked a question: How many bedrooms in barberstown castle?
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55 Bedroom

The Castle is now privately owned & managed and has been carefully upgraded from a 10-bedroom property to a 55 Bedroom Failte Ireland Approved Hotel.


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  • Barberstown Castle will remain closed for normal services until later in the year. We look forward to seeing you all again soon. Known as the hidden gem in the village of Straffan, Co. Kildare...

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The Castle is now privately owned & managed and has been carefully upgraded from a 10 bedroom property to a 55 Bedroom Failte Ireland Approved Hotel. We thrive on Special Occasions and our guarantee of a personal service teamed with our offering of crackling open log fires, spacious bedrooms, delicious food and a warm Irish welcome.

Upon purchasing Barberstown Castle from Eric Clapton in 1987, this beautiful historic house has since been transformed from a 10-bedroom property with three bathrooms to a 55-bedroom Failte Ireland approved 4 Star Hotel. They are a proud member of Ireland's Blue Book of properties and Historic Hotels of Europe.

Bed was really comfy.”. Built in the 13th century, this elegant 4-star castle boasts individually decorated rooms and 20 acres of beautiful grounds. The restaurant offers award-winning fine dining, and Central Dublin and the Airport are both a 30-minute drive away.

Unlike other old castles wh,ich sometimes have to abandon modern conveniences for the sake of preserving the original medieval atmosphere Barberstown Castle is also a luxury 4-star hotel. You and your guests wake up in beautiful and comfortable rooms with four-poster beds. The hotel has 55 bedrooms accommodating over 100 guests.

Bed and Breakfast rates range from €180 – €195 per night (based on a maximum of 2 guests sharing 1 bedroom.) For those wishing to use Barberstown Castle as a base from which to visit Ireland’s Ancient East, and over 5,000 years of history, they offer three, four and five night special rates.

Nestled in the peaceful countryside of County Kildare, Barberstown Castle is a unique and elegant venue where couples can bring their fairytale wedding to life - and all within 30 minutes of Dublin City Centre. We know every couple is different, so we take great pride in tailoring bespoke wedding celebrations to your individual requirements.

The facilities in their banqueting hall and outside space (whatever the weather) are unique for corporate and family events. The bedrooms are individiually designed and many have 4 poster beds which always creates a “wow” factor too. You can always rely on the team to deliver at Barberstown Castle

Room Gallery | 5 Star Accommodation Near Dublin | Luttrellstown Castle Resort. Rooms Gallery. The incredible bedrooms of an Irish castle. The Lady Granville Suite. The Prince Pückler. The Luttrell. The Aileen Plunkett Full Room. The Aileen Plunkett Bathroom View. The Aileen Plunkett Bathroom View.

Four Poster Bedroom. Junior Suite. Bedrooms. Barberstown Castle is a luxurious 4 star Country House and Historic Castle based in Straffan, Co Kildare. Each era of the Castle’s history is reflected in the style of our country house bedrooms.

Formally the home of Eric Clapton, we are a 55 bedroom property near Dublin city that is ideally situated within four major motorway's links with a range of options available onsite or nearby through our network of partners & attractions in the Kildare region. Contact our Events Team for more details + 353 1 6288157 or email [email protected]

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Summer castle for sale, completely restored, ronda, andalusia, southern spain What kind of rooms are in barberstown castle?

Barberstown Castle is a romantic hotel offering a flat screen TV in the rooms, and it is easy to stay connected during your stay as free wifi is offered to guests. The hotel features 24 hour front desk, room service, and newspaper. Plus, guests can enjoy free breakfast, which has made this a popular choice among travellers visiting Straffan.

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