How many locked chests does kaneshiro palace have?

Dion Tillman asked a question: How many locked chests does kaneshiro palace have?
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4 Locked Chests: Gang Star (Banker Passageway)


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Chest - Kaneshiro's Palace, Banker Passageway Golt-tainted Armor - 10 1 - Chest - Kaneshiro's Palace, Vault: 3F Elegant Shirt: Unisex 72 9 - Wash Acrylic-coated Gear Flowing Scarf: Cat 74 20 Ag+3 Wash Acrylic-coated Gear Courbet Apron: Female 75 14 - Wash Acrylic-coated Gear Army Vest: Unisex 77 6 St+1 Locked Chest - Mementos, Aiyatsbus Chest - Mementos, Chemdah

How many locked chests does Kaneshiro Palace p5r have? 4 Locked Chests. Can you leave palaces in Persona 5? unless you have the ability to use the map and fast travel, yes. however if you don’t have that ability, you likely need to keep going. How much health does kamoshida have? Shadow Kamoshida

Left is far easier in terms of enemies but has no treasure. The right side has more enemies but two treasure chests. Make your way down to Kaneshiro however you see fit and prepare for a fight.

I could only find 3 lock treasure chest. I wasted my sp just going around the whole bank again just to see if I missed anything but still can’t find the fourth one. So I guess there only 3?

Was looking through the FAQ's but didn't find any clear indication of how many locked chests there are per palace. Is there a list of this compiled somewhere? User Info: Avalon64. Avalon64 4 years ago #2.

How many locked chests does Kaneshiro Palace have? 4 Locked Chests How do you beat Kaneshiro p5r? Beat on Kaneshiro for a couple of turns.

Futaba's Palace, 3 Locked Treasure Chests.

In Persona 5 Kaneshiro Palace is the third dungeon that starts during the month of June. As before, you'll be taking a few visits to Kaneshiro's Palace dungeon , with several infiltrations and a ...

You need two keys to open the vault. To get the first, head around to the west and up the stairs into the hall. There's a chest and two locked doors. First, open the one on the east side of the...

Chest - Kamoshida's Palace, East Building Annex Print T-shirt: Male 21 8 - Ryuji default Dark Undershirt: Male 22 6 - Protagonist default Neckerchief: Cat 22 10 - Morgana default Baseball Jacket: Female 23 6 - Ann default Silk Scarf: Cat 24 14 Ma+2 Airsoft Shop (¥2,200) Gold Breastplate: Male 26 4 - Locked Chest - Kamoshida's Palace, Central Hall 2F Padded Shirt: Unisex

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