How many vikings lived in one house?

Bryce Nitzsche asked a question: How many vikings lived in one house?
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🏘 How many vikings lived in one house in europe?

A couple usually had between three and four surviving children who also lived in the house – not counting children born outside of the marriage. In fact, it was not …

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Vikings lived in a long, narrow building called a longhouse. Most had timber frames, with walls of wattle and daub and thatched roofs. Where wood was scarce, as in Iceland, longhouses were made of turf and sod. Two rows of high posts supported the roof and ran down the entire length of the building, which could be up to 250 feet long.

A typical couple probably had 2 or 3 living children at any one time. Few parents lived to see their children marry. And fewer lived to see their first grandchild. Three generation families were rare. When one member of a couple died, the other remarried quickly. It was probably difficult for a single person to run a household alone.

In this home or Viking longhouse many things would occur, cooking, sleeping, daily chores and much more. A fire was the heart of the Viking home, important for the already mentioned cooking and also for heat and warmth in a cold Scandinavian winter. It was likely in Viking times to have many people living in one home, although smaller homes ...

The Vikings built longhouses all over Scandinavia. The typical Viking longhouse was 6 metres wide and up to 75 metres long, with a wooden frame, and walls of wooden planks or clay. The Viking longhouse was usually divided into several different rooms. Several families lived in the same house, and the more important families lived closer to the ...

The Viking Longhouse. Life inside a Vikings Longhouse would have been a noisy, dirty experience. First of all many Viking families would be living together in the same house. Viking homes were long rectangular buildings. Often one end of the longhouse was used as a barn.

Viking longhouses were between five and seven meters wide. They were made up of wooden support posts which lined the walls, a residential area centered around a hearth, a byre in which animals lived during the winter, benches flanking the longhouses longer sides, and various supporting rooms.

The pit-houses was about 5 meters long and had a width of 4 meters, and there is plenty of evidence that these Viking pit-houses were used for a wide range of purposes, and it seems that these kinds of houses were quite common throughout Scandinavia. Pit-house in Hobro at the Fyrkat Vikingecenter Photo: by Västgöten.

The fascinating Viking household is a far cry from today’s modern living conditions. Although the men were often off conquering new land, the Viking household clearly indicated that home, family, and community remained a significant part of the Viking culture. Read more about what the Viking houshold in Norway looked like here!

For Scandinavians, the world is full of creatures that have an impact on human life and destiny, so it's better to be friendly with them. You have to behave correctly, honour gods and other supernatural beings by giving them what belongs to them…

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