How old is my house victoria australia?

Evangeline Will asked a question: How old is my house victoria australia?
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Where can I find the history of Victoria?

  • These plans commonly show reference marks, building boundaries, fencing and measurement notations. A collection of historical plans relating to the first 60 years of European settlement in Victoria is available online at Public Record Office Victoria. The collection includes 8000 plans dating from 1837 and covers all parts of Victoria.

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This book spans the history of Australian architectural, from the bark and split-slab cottages of the early colonial period to the sleek corrugated-steel pavilions of the twenty-first century. In between are country homesteads, city terraces, Federation villas, Californian bungalows and the austere fibro-clad cottages of the 1940s and 1950s.

Charlie: Public Record Office Victoria holds the archives of the State Government of Victoria. To date, there are almost 100kms of records, ranging from the mid 1830s to today. Each state has its own office and people can speak to their councils for some guidance.

Australian houses built between 1840 and 1860are generally simple, whether terraced or freestanding. They commonly have one or two rooms across the front. Their appearance is formal but plain, with simple or no verandahs and restrained ornamentation. Early Victorian [1840–1860]

Public Record Office Victoria is located at: Victorian Archives Centre, 99 Shiel St, North Melbourne. Opening Hours Monday to Friday and every second and last Saturday of the month, 10am to 4.30pm (excl. public holidays) Bookings essential. Read about our recent service changes here.

Other ways to find out how old your house is If you are in the process of buying the house, ask your seller or their agent. As part of a sale, the seller must complete a ‘Seller’s property...

Thanks to advances in the transportation of buildings materials, by the later 17th century, buildings entirely of brick started to be built. Read our guide to medieval and Tudor homes. The original fireplace was discovered behind a 1930s design in this Elizabethan townhouse in Wiltshire.

Home Price Guide Price estimate for any property, full history for any building, street or suburb.

The collection includes 8000 plans dating from 1837 and covers all parts of Victoria. While many of the plans relate to the early land subdivision of Victoria into counties, parishes and townships, other information shown on the plans include: early descriptions of soils and native vegetation; the location of huts

While our most detailed records are about houses in and around the centre of Melbourne, you will generally be able to find clues and details about the previous owners and occupants of older houses built anywhere in Victoria. View our online Historic Homes booklet to get an overview of where to start, and see below for specific record research.

How to trace the history of your house: a brief guide; Your house has a history : keys to unlocking its past; Trove can help you find and get items at libraries near you. You might also be able to find historic newspaper articles and photos of your house by searching Trove. This is particularly useful for houses with prominent names.

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