How to keep my house clean when i am exhausted?

Quincy Sanford asked a question: How to keep my house clean when i am exhausted?
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How to Clean When You are Tired

  1. The first step is to give yourself a lot of compassion when you don't feel well…
  2. Chase the feeling rather than the list…
  3. Make a mental shift from “doing chores” to “blessing our homes”…
  4. Just pick one thing and do it…
  5. Allow yourself to celebrate the little wins!

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It’s really hard to clean if you are cleaning AROUND things. So go through every item in that area and either put it away, donate it or trash it. If you want to keep the item, but you don’t have somewhere it put it, then solve that problem right now! Don’t just put it back on the floor and say that you’ll figure it out later.

Pick something easy at first. Clean off the kitchen counter, your desk, or divide your house into areas and clean a small chunk of it at a time. Start with a corner of your room or one side of the kitchen. If you can’t clean your whole house it’s OK.

Sit down with cup of tea or take the dog for a walk or mess around on the internet. If necessary you get right back to cleaning [when the break is over].” That could be 20 minutes and 10 minutes,...

Many times, one spouse doesn’t actually understand how much time and effort the other is putting into keeping the house clean. One way to help is to have a checklist on the fridge, so they can see what’s involved and pitch in as needed. If you’d like to give that a try, you can find my big page of free house cleaning checklists here.

Write a list and start. Having a plan allows me to prioritize the jobs I need to get done and makes it easier to know where to start cleaning; I use my list as my motivator to end procrastination and get some motivation for housework! Set a timer. Set a timer; there is nothing better than a timer to give you the motivation to clean your house.

The bigger the job, the more daunting the task. However, small tasks that can be done quickly can really add up and help you maintain a clean home. Rinse and put the dishes in the dishwasher right away rather than let the dishes stack up. Get in the habit of sorting your mail and organizing what you need to keep.

Don't become frustrated — make sure you have what you need close at hand. Keep bathroom cleaners in the bathroom and kitchen cleaners in the kitchen. If you've got hardwood floors on the first...

First, two things to consider (to start cleaning a messy house): If you are so overwhelmed that you don’t believe it’s possible to clean your house, you might need to ask for help and that’s ok, but then be willing to let the helper help. It’s really frustrating to have someone ask you to help them and then not be allowed to do anything.

Get a dishwasher, or use disposable plates, so you never have to do dishes by hand. Or avoid dishes by eating simple foods (such as string cheese, crackers, or lunch meat) over the sink. 5 Keep your cleaning supplies somewhere easy to find.

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