Is blenheim palace free?

Sarina Pfeffer asked a question: Is blenheim palace free?
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COVID-19 Update: Blenheim Park is open and free to enter via the footpaths. The palace and formal gardens are open and from July 19 pre-booking is no longer required… Blenheim Palace & Park is one of the UK's most popular tourist destinations.

Magnificent palace set in beautiful landscaped grounds. If you do not wish to, or do not have time to visit the palace you can enjoy a walk in the grounds and wonderful views of the palace by entering the grounds via a free public pathway.

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The palace and formal gardens are open but pre-booking is required. Here is all you need to know to access Blenheim for free, using the ‘secret green gate’ in Woodstock. It’s perfectly legal – you will be using a Public Footpath to enter instead of one of the official entrances.

The beauty of Blenheim Palace is that unknown to the vast majority of its visitors, you can walk into the park completely for free by using one of the many public footpath that cross it. These are generally referred to as ‘gates’.

Yes, as long as you agree to donate your discounted admission fee on arrival, and the discount is offered by Blenheim Palace and not any third party. Can I get a free Annual Pass if I have used Tesco Club card vouchers to get admission?

Within the park there are two lakes, a monument and numerous walks. Some parts of the park at Blenheim Palace are actually accessible on public footpaths, and so are free to visit. It’s a lovely place to explore with the kids. There’s an area where you can get really close to the ducks to fee them, and you might spot a few sheep around the park.

You'll need to pay for your admission on arrival rather than online to claim the discount. If you agree to make your Palace, Park and Gardens admission fee a donation, you can convert to a free Annual Pass at the kiosk in our East Courtyard. We hope to welcome you soon! Best wishes, the Blenheim Palace team

3 answers. christine... No it's not but we booked in advance at the information bureau and saved £3 on the ticket but also we saved more because we are over 60. It worked out at £22 each . still worth the visit. It is one of the best places I have been to.Value for money too.

Blenheim Palace is set in 2,100 acres of spectacular parkland in the heart of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds. Visitors with disabilities are always welcome to Blenheim Palace; however, due to the nature and layout of the Palace and grounds we strongly recommend that you are accompanied by an able-bodied carer. Pre-Arrival 24 hr Free phone telephones information line: 0800 849 6500

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