Katrina cottage faq's what are katrina cottages?

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Katrina cottage by gmf associates, amazing small house design

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The first Katrina Cottage was designed by Marianne Cusato as affordable housing for displaced residents and emergency workers and is being considered as affordable housing in resorts, camps, vacation communities, the military and other locations nationwide…

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Katrina cottages katrina cottages to ms cottages

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Katrina Cottage FAQ’s What are Katrina Cottages? Soon after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, architect and planner Andres Duany developed the concept for a small, permanent home designed as a dignified alternative to the FEMA trailer. The first Katrina Cottage was designed by Marianne Cusato as

Katrina Cottages are designed to be stick-built homes and will require a professional builder. Although much of the work can be performed by a qualified Do-it-Yourselfer, there are several steps in the process that will have to be inspected by a qualified home inspector. A professional builder will be well aware of how to build homes according to local codes. Lowe's does not install or build Katrina Cottages; however, local contractors can be located through area Chamber of Commerce.

The Katrina Cottage 2 is an economical to build three bedroom, two bath home with a unique sun room entry foyer. With its flexible character, the design is equally suitable for a family building their first home as it is for the retired home owner looking for less to maintain.

Often compared to the early 1900s “Sear & Roebuck” kit houses, the Katrina cottage was attractive, designed to fit into historic neighborhoods and could be built for around $34,000. 3,500 were built for Mississippi alone. Yet, they met resistance in most coast towns.

The Katrina Cottage originally conceived by New Urbanists including Marianne Cusato, Steve Mouzon and Bruce Tolar as a response to Hurricane Katrina; the little yellow version designed by Marianne ...

KATRINA COTTAGE FAQs. Where can I buy a Katrina Cottage? Plans for the cottages are available on this site. Plans cost $850, which includes five (5) sets of printed plans and the license to build one home. Are kit homes or materials packages available? At this time we are not able to offer kits homes or materials packages. Are the Katrina Cottages available at Lowe’s?

The Katrina Cottages. As the demand for smaller homes increases nationwide, the Katrina Cottages - hailed as the new Sears & Roebuck House - continue to gain popularity. A series of designs, developed by Marianne Cusato and a team of designers are now available as building plans. Design range from 308 sq. ft. up to 1807 sq. ft.

Description. “Katrina Cottages” are small house plans intended to provide New Orleans residents with simple replacement homes when they needed to quickly rebuild following the devastating 2005 hurricane that destroyed tens of thousands of houses along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The Katrina Cottages are homier than trailers, with full-size refrigerators and regular bathrooms. They’re also sturdier and more wind-resistant (there will be more hurricanes). Like most...

The Katrina Cottage collection includes attractive small house and Cottage style plans developed in response to the need for alternatives to the temporary and charmless FEMA trailer after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Designer and author Marianne Cusato, residential designers Eric Moser and W.A. Lawrence, ...

Katrina Cottage The Katrina Cottage is a small, sturdy house that can be delivered at the cost of a FEMA trailer. It may be temporary or permanent. Some permanent models are designed to expand into full-sized dwellings. – katrinacottagehousing.org

With its unique character, flexibility, and growth, the Katrina Cottage is equally suitable for a family building their first home as it is for the retired couple looking for less to maintain. Families who have a hard time affording a house in the first place should welcome the low energy bills. The back of the house is designed to face south.

Katrina Cottage Description - 1441. A nostalgic front porch seems to welcome friends and family to this three-bedroom cottage design. Inside, the great room flows into the kitchen area for easy entertaining. Plenty of glass offers views of a second porch and the panorama beyond.

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