Keeping valuables safe in college dorm?

Trey Swift asked a question: Keeping valuables safe in college dorm?
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Mini vault - college dorm safe

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Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Safe

  • Lock up or hide your valuables…
  • Obey access rules for the exterior of the building…
  • Keep your room door locked…
  • Don't leave valuables out in plain sight…
  • Keep an inventory of all your valuables…
  • Get insurance…
  • Remember the buddy system…
  • Lock your door even when you're in your room.

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Best college dorm safe - dormvault 2016 review - college dorm room essentials

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These boxes and safes are ideal for valuables such as cash, jewelry, passports and medications (and candy bars?) but are typically too small for a computer. However, inexpensive but effective laptop locks are readily found online as well and can be easily attached and detached as you move around. Models such as this one, cost under $10.00.

Protect Your Dorm Room Valuables If it’s important to you, lock it up with a Vaultz Locking Storage Chest. The Vaultz Locking Storage Chest is perfect for protecting your dorm room valuables. Whether it’s your passport, computer, cell phone, or even cash, this storage chest will keep your items secure.

This roomy little safe can be wall-mounted or can sit on the floor or desk, designed to keep your belongings safe. The AmazonBasics Security Safe features a reprogrammable lock that operates on 4 AA-batteries. It has a manual key override feature in case something goes wrong and you need to get your stuff out in a hurry. Hold your small belongings, money, and other valuables you have in its carpeted and spacious interior.

For some of you, college may be the first time Mom and Dad aren’t there to make sure you’re in class on time and not missing your meals. They also aren’t around to secure your belongings. Now, that’s your responsibility. Read on for tips to keep your valuables safe, whether you’re living in a college dorm room or an off-campus apartment.

When keeping your valuables in your dorm room, you want to make sure you are keeping them locked up. Purchasing a small safe or lockbox can help you in protecting your expensive valuables. When it comes to items you use more often, like your laptop, make sure you keep your room locked at all times. Don’t leave it out in the Open

The very nature of a college dorm often causes a false sense of security and many dormitory residents will leave the door open and allow their friends and classmates to come to and fro from their respective rooms, never once stopping to consider the value of something like a money safe box.

The Honeywell safe is also good for any dorm room purpose. You can order this Honeywell safe, and it arrives in black shade. Including code and digital connections choices, preserve your money, electronics, and additional minute valuables tightened with the locking highlight.

I will be living in a dorm for the first time this fall, and I'm really concerned about how to keep my laptop and other valuables safe. I've heard of cable locks for laptops, but I'm not really sure how they work or what the best kinds are. Clearly, a safe that isnt bolted down is pointless, but do they sell smaller safes that can attach to a desk with some kind of lock? Whats the best way to keep your stuff safe in a dorm?

Lock away your valuables Given that your dorm room acts as your home during your college years, it’s natural to have a range of personal valuables that you need to keep safe. Having a secure space in which you can keep valuables like keys, money, or jewelry, is important for letting you leave your room with peace of mind.

How do you keep valuables in a dorm room? As stated before, the best way to keep valuables in a dorm room is to store them in some sort of safe. Do things get stolen in dorms? Unfortunately, yes, they do. Many people come to dorms to take advantage of impressionable young adults and low security to steam their valuables. Does homeowners insurance cover college dorm? This depends on the insurance company, but most of them do cover college dorms. Final Words. Although college is wonderous and ...

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