Korea university dorm rules?

Lysanne Bayer asked a question: Korea university dorm rules?
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Dormitory regulations

  • Drinking is prohibited strictly, in the front yard as well as inside the buildings.
  • Smoking is prohibited strictly inside the buildings, but in the front yard is allowed.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • Do not make noise in and around the buildings.
  • Cooked food is prohibited.

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The student must vacate the residence hall within 24 hours of withdrawal, release or termination of the agreement, during a given semester. Residents of University Residence Halls must be degree-seeking students registered for classes at Korea University for each semester of occupancy.

Korea University’s on-campus accommodation for international students consists of three buildings that are home to over 700 students from overseas. All three buildings have rooms that are fully-furnished with kitchen facilities in ...

They are also a great way to feel part of the university community and make friends quickly. Costs range depending on the number of meals provided, the location and the university. Dorms can cost anywhere from GBP 400 to GBP 800 per semester.

Residence Hall Occupancy (Click to view) No. of Beds Rates Spring/ Fall Session (124 nights) Summer/ Winter A Session (28 nights) Summer/ Winter B Session (51 nights) CJ International House All w/Bath Single 118 16,700/night

Korea University Residence Life Office International Residence. Anam-Dong Seongbuk-Gu Seoul, 02841 Korea. Phone: +82-2) 3290-1554 (Undergraduate Student Residence Manager) +82-2) 3290-1555 (Graduate Student Residence Manager) +82-2) 3290-1806 (CJ I-House Information Desk) +82-2) 3290-9583 (Anam I-House Information Desk)

2인실과 3인실은 배정된 룸메이트들과 함께 생활할 수 있는 공동 공간으로 구성되어 있습니다. Anam Global House offers triples, doubles, and singles and has semi-private baths. Anam Global House provides a single bed, wardrobe, chair, bookcase, and semi-private baths. Anam Global House offers Single, Double ...

Gwanak Residence Halls dorm.snu.ac.kr. The Gwanak Residence Halls hosts undergraduates, graduates, and families numbering over 5,000 people and hailing from over 80 countries. The diversity of personalities, cultures, and educations on display will promote coexistence and harmony within the shared space. Current Status.

CJ International House - Korea University

Laundry room with coin operated washers and dryers. Kitchen facilities equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven, gas range oven, water purifier, table and waste basket. Note: Individual student rooms are not equipped to accommodate the electrical and sanitary demands of cooking.

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