List of things for college dorm?

Lavern Morar asked a question: List of things for college dorm?
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Bath and Bedding

  • Comforter and/or quilts (Consider bringing sturdy, easy-to-wash items)
  • Throw blanket.
  • Bed sheets (Suggested Size: Twin XL)
  • Pillows.
  • Pillowcases.
  • Mattress pad.
  • Reading pillow.
  • Alarm clock.

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Luckily, most dorm rooms come stocked with a mini-refrigerator/freezer/microwave unit. Many college dorms restrict or prohibit the use of small kitchen appliances with hot plates or heating elements, so be sure to check your school's rules and see what's included before you stock up.

The Essential College Dorm Checklist for Freshman Students . First Up: Give a Good Clean . Get your new place squeaky clean, and keep it up throughout the year! Garbage Can + Garbage Bags; Spray Cleaner + Paper Towels; Cleaning/Disinfecting Wipes; Small Broom + Dustpan or Handheld Vacuum; Disposable Gloves; Drawer Liners for previously used drawers

A packing list for the supplies you'll really need to bring to college. Free printable PDF checklist of dorm room essentials ranging from bedding and decor to move-in day suggestions for what you'll need right away.

Be sure to check with your new roommate on the list of dorm room needs. To avoid bringing everything, I recommend splitting room necessities with a roommate. This way, you won’t end up with two TVs or two futons. Before you get started with the packing, take a look at our helpful college dorm list of what to bring when moving into a college dorm. Bedding. Mattress pad; At least two sets of twin sheet sets (be sure to check whether the dorm bed requires extra long twin sheets) Pillowcases ...

Dorm Room Must Haves for Bedroom 1. Memory Foam Mattress Topper. LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress... Spoiler alert – college dorm beds... 2. Comforter/Duvet set. Urban Habitat Duvet Set 100% Cotton Jacquard,... Your comforter/duvet set is gonna set the tone... 3. Sheets. Amazon ...

Checklist #2: Dorm Room Essentials. In your college packing list, you will NEED this stuff. It’s a basic in any functional college dorm room. Bedside lamp; Desk lamp; Mini trash can; Fan (if you aren’t lucky enough to have AC) Drying rack for your laundry; Bulletin board (great for putting up flyers) Checklist #3: Desk Supplies. No college checklist is complete without desk supplies.

Hydro Flask 18 oz. Standard Mouth Water Bottle, $29.95. This insulated water bottle can keep your beverages cold for 24 hours, so you can always stay hydrated with ice cold water. I love the range ...

This short list of what to bring to college consists of items you don't necessarily need to bring but that could add a little more pizzazz and comfort to your dorm: Bed lifters Fan White board or bulletin board Throw blanket Extra seating (futon, bean bag chair) Video game console Area rug Keurig or ...

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