List of things to bring to college dorm?

River Anderson asked a question: List of things to bring to college dorm?
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This short list of what to bring to college consists of items you don't necessarily need to bring but that could add a little more pizzazz and comfort to your dorm:

  • Bed lifters
  • Fan
  • White board or bulletin board
  • Throw blanket
  • Extra seating (futon, bean bag chair)
  • Video game console
  • Area rug
  • Keurig or other coffee maker
  • Pots and pans

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Before you get started with the packing, take a look at our helpful college dorm list of what to bring when moving into a college dorm. Bedding. Mattress pad; At least two sets of twin sheet sets (be sure to check whether the dorm bed requires extra long twin sheets) Pillowcases; Pillows; Quilt or bedspread; Duvet; Extra blankets; Backrest pillow for sitting up; Throw pillows; Reading light that can attach to bed; School Supplies. Bookbag or sling bag; Lap desk

Here, we tell you exactly what to bring to college, from dorm room essentials and bathroom supplies to electronics and clothes. Dorm Room Essentials. The following items are must-haves when it comes to your college packing list. These are all basic things you'll need for your dorm room and to make yourself feel right at home: Comforter

Another must-have on your college dorm packing list is a foldable drying rack. If you have more delicate clothing, this will especially come in handy. Foldable drying racks can also save you some of your quarters if you dry your clothes on the rack rather than in the dryer.

Cleaning wipes or spray and paper towels are often the first things you'll need on opening your door. You may even want to clean the floor before you start loading in your decor. Scissors are especially important to have access to early!

Miscellaneous Items for Your College Packing List Kleenex Ice scraper (for your car) Umbrella Earplugs Luggage Duffel bag Weekender bag Board games Sleeping bag . What NOT to Bring to College (And Why) Now you know what to bring to college, but what about what not to bring? This is all:

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The Essential College Dorm Checklist for Freshman Students . First Up: Give a Good Clean . Get your new place squeaky clean, and keep it up throughout the year! Garbage Can + Garbage Bags; Spray Cleaner + Paper Towels; Cleaning/Disinfecting Wipes; Small Broom + Dustpan or Handheld Vacuum; Disposable Gloves; Drawer Liners for previously used drawers

Packing for college list final thoughts… When your teen is making final decisions of what to pack for college, remind them that dorm rooms are small. They offer very little in the way of storage. Anything that isn’t truly necessary will only be taking up valuable space. The best motto I have for freshman year is that less is more!

Curtains and curtain rod. Your dorm will probably be equipped with blinds, but if you want to add a little bit more of your own style then curtains are a great way to do it.

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