London: is crystal palace a safe area for kids?

Andre Zulauf asked a question: London: is crystal palace a safe area for kids?
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London districts: crystal palace (documentary)

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Another popular London neighbourhood for those seeking parks and open spaces is Crystal Palace… According to estate agents Foxtons, the average property price in Crystal Palace is £429,545 (as of December 2020), making it not just one of the safest places in London, but also one of the best-value neighbourhoods too.

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Crystal Palace is safe, indeed London is ststistically the safest place in the UK, obviously you need to be sensible do not walk down dark roads at 3am in the morning, watch out for pick pockets on...

Crystal Palace is popular with families as well as young professionals, but families often move further out when their children reach secondary school. Safety Crystal Palace is a safe place to live, and is rated as having average crime by the Met police.

Nestled in the famous Victorian park in south-east London, Crystal Palace Park Farm is a small yet spectacular attraction, with plenty of fun-filled activities for kids and parents alike. Located on the Crystal Park campus of Capel Manor College, children and parents are guided through the ins and outs of farm life, meeting a variety of furry (and sometimes scaly!) friends on the way.

The Crystal Palace was a huge glass and iron structure originally built in 1851 for the Great Exhibition held in London's Hyde Park. Prince Albert, head of the Society of Arts, had the idea of an ...

The treehouse can be risky for inexperienced climbers. The sand and water area in Peckham Rye Playground is great for toddlers. Peckham Rye Playground ticks a lot of boxes in our book, and we think it’s one of the best local playgrounds in London. It’s both safe and challenging for toddlers, and we like the sand and water area.

Hey guys welcome back to my YouTube channel, if you’re new welcome welcome, in this video I’m having a day out at the funfair london Crystal Palace. #dayout...

Located in South London, Crystal Palace is one of the oldest and best parts to reside in. As with Islington, this is a little easier on the pocket than some other bits of London. As such, it makes it a great choice for families or any young professionals looking for their first home.

Crystal Palace is an area in south London, England, named after the Crystal Palace Exhibition building which stood in the area from 1854 until it was destroyed by fire in 1936. Approximately 7 miles (11 km) south-east of Charing Cross, it includes one of the highest points in London, at 367 feet (112 m), offering views over the capital. The area has no defined boundaries and straddles five ...

Perched on top of a hill in South London, Crystal Palace boasts amazing views of the city, but the picturesque area is not short of sights itself. Take its namesake, Crystal Palace Park. It’s one of the largest green spaces in South London and houses many eclectic points of interest, including ornate Italian Terraces, two huge Egyptian style ...

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