Must have features in luxury homes?

Delpha Boehm asked a question: Must have features in luxury homes?
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Must see - inside a new 6 bdrm custom built luxury home nw of atlanta (sold)

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Cutting edge kitchen with butler's pantry

The kitchen has long been the design and lifestyle focus of the house and the features that make a kitchen “cutting-edge” are things like: A large multi-purpose island bench with generous seating areas. Plenty of large soft-close drawers. Overhead cupboards with lift hatch ...

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Must have cool home features

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Some of the luxury buyers of modern homes have traveled the world. They have stayed, hotels and resorts, with luxury spas and luxury bathrooms. They come to their homes, and on day one they have exactly like that, that kind of living. In a modern home, you can have that.

Lately, there have been a few features that have stood out above any others in our luxury community. Smart Home Features. Smart home technology is a must-have in your luxury home, as it increases convenience and security through the use of network connected appliances, equipment, and systems.

Most luxury homes are huge and have plenty of space, large rooms and all kinds of interesting rooms.

Some of the top smart tech features in luxury homes include: Smart home security system that can be monitored via an app. Internet-connected security cameras you can view online. Lights that can be set on a timer or respond to activity in a room.

Either way, fresh air, comfort, and luxury are very much a part of refined homelife. High-tech Home Features and Appliances. The future of homeowning is evident in luxury residences, where smart features like WiFi-enabled security systems, high-tech temperature controls, and cutting-edge surround sound simplify home management.

For those who entertain, the service kitchen is a must-have! This luxury feature allows the host to prepare the meal behind the scenes without heating up the main living area. It also keeps the mess out of the way, and if professional chefs, servers or caterers are managing the meal, it gives them a place away from guests.

Luxury homes often feature basketball courts, tennis courts, putting greens, racquet ball courts, miniature baseball diamonds, bowling alleys and any number of lawn games or other sports setup to...

Whether it’s a gourmet kitchen, a rec room, or an elevator, we think all luxury amenities sound fabulous! When looking at all listings nationwide, the five most common million dollar home features are a pool, a bar, a gourmet kitchen, an elevator, and a waterfront view.

This makes hats, gloves, coats, muddy boots, tennis rackets, soccer balls and more easy to find when needed again. Closet space here makes the perfect place to store seasonal or sports item until they’re needed again. An adjacent laundry room or space makes perfect sense in this same area of the home.

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Video answer: Must see - inside a new decorated luxury townhome in alpharetta, ga, n. of atlanta

Must see - inside a new decorated luxury townhome in alpharetta, ga, n. of atlanta