Must have in luxury homes?

Carli Gutkowski asked a question: Must have in luxury homes?
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'must have' luxury ceiling fans for bespoke homes

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Some of the top smart tech features in luxury homes include:

  • Smart home security system that can be monitored via an app.
  • Internet-connected security cameras you can view online.
  • Lights that can be set on a timer or respond to activity in a room.
  • Motion sensor lighting.
  • Curtains that close and open at sunset or sunrise.

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Must see - inside a new 6 bdrm custom built luxury home nw of atlanta (sold)

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Seven Must Have Features for Today’s Luxury Homes Home Security System. When you own a luxury home it suggests that you have a lot of nice things that could attract... Smart Home Features. In the eyes of many people, a modern luxury home has to have cutting-edge smart tech features. It’s... Spa ...

This makes hats, gloves, coats, muddy boots, tennis rackets, soccer balls and more easy to find when needed again. Closet space here makes the perfect place to store seasonal or sports item until they’re needed again. An adjacent laundry room or space makes perfect sense in this same area of the home.

23 Awesome Features You Only Find in Luxury Homes (Mansion Photos) Swimming Pool. Plenty of modest homes have pools, especially in warm climates, but the swimming pool is definitely a... Wine cellar. The rich love their wine and so why not invest in thousands of bottles? But then you need to invest ...

Luxury homes include chef-worthy kitchens. Double ovens are a must, even if you don’t cook for a crowd. Be sure to include a large kitchen island with room for barstools. Make sure your kitchen has the most up-to-date appliances.

The Top 10 Must-Have Amenities Luxury Homebuyers Are Searching For 1. High-Tech Everything. Technology means convenience and convenience is the ultimate luxury. High-end home shoppers are... 2. Home Theaters and Entertainment Centers. Rather than just another media room, luxury buyers are looking ...

Home accessories show an individual’s taste and style. A collection of elegant items is a must-have in a luxurious home. The Versace Home collection has a vast collection of stylish items ranging from plates, coffee pots, bathrobes, vases, and accessories that will get each room that elegant touch.

Immediate Luxury: The Open Floor Plan An open floor plan is one of the most luxurious, expansive aspects of an opulent home. It’s also the number one aspect that luxury homeowners are looking for. You want your magnificent pad to be stunning and airy from room to room.

Check out this amazing Brooklyn penthouse. Rock climbing wall. Another great way to travel between floors — or to prep for your next big adventure. Screening room. With all the amenities, please: A popcorn maker, at least two rows of seats, low-key lighting.

Top Must-Have Features for Your Luxury Home Smart Home Features. Smart home technology is a must-have in your luxury home, as it increases convenience and security... Spa Bathrooms. Homeowners often want to recreate the amazing feeling of calm from the best spas around the world in the... The ...

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