Must see castles in northern ireland?

Jerod Renner asked a question: Must see castles in northern ireland?
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Video answer: Dunluce castle; medieval castle on cliffs, castles in northern ireland-antrim coast #causeway route

Dunluce castle; medieval castle on cliffs, castles in northern ireland-antrim coast #causeway route

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The 14 Best Castles to Visit in Northern Ireland

  • Dunluce Castle. Accessed via a bridge that connects the coastal outcrop to the mainland, the majestic ruins of iconic Dunluce Castle don't disappoint…
  • Kinbane Castle…
  • Kilwaughter Castle…
  • Carrickfergus Castle…
  • Belfast Castle…
  • Shane's Castle…
  • Killyleagh Castle…
  • Audleys Castle.

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Top 20 newcastle (northern ireland - uk) tourist attractions (things to do)

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The imposing Carrickfergus Castle is a must-visit site of any Northern Ireland tour. Dating back to the 12th century, the landmark has been besieged by different forces on multiple occasions and underwent changes and restorations throughout the years; however, it stands strong to this day as one of the most significant monuments in the area.

Northern Ireland’s rich and detailed history spans over 2000 years and they have some impressive castles to show for it. With over 40 dotted around, there are plenty to choose from, and they open a window into the past.

With its own special place in local history, Glenarm Castle is a true national treasure. One of Ireland's oldest estates, and home to the Earls of Antrim, Glenarm Castle is a 'must see' destination and one of N.Ireland's top tourist

One of the most iconic landmarks in Northern Ireland, Carrickfergus Castle is situated on the north coast. The ruinous remains of Dunluce Castle are perched precariously close to the edge of the basalt cliffs as if it has risen from the land itself. The white crest of the wave’s crash on the rocks 200 metres below.

Carrickfergus Castle – A Norman masterpiece For history lovers everywhere, Carrickfergus Castle remains one of best castles in Northern Ireland. The site is one of the best preserved remnants of Norman times still standing today, having been built by Norman Knight John De Courcy in 1177.

Top Northern Ireland Castles: See reviews and photos of Castles in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom on Tripadvisor. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States.If you are a resident of ...

Not to be missed on a trip through the Causeway Coastal Route, Dunluce Castle is one of Northern Ireland’s most famous and most photographed landmarks. The medieval ruin stands on the edge of a cliff and can be approached only by a bridge.

Dunluce Castle, Co. Antrim. This castle is situated on top of a cliff on the coast of Co. Antrim, very close to the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, another popular destination in Northern Ireland. If you are a Game of Thrones fan you’d think that this is one of the most famous castles in Ireland.

Dunseverick Castle is in one of the most incredible locations in Northern Ireland. It is another castle built on the slopes of a cliff along the Causeway Coastal Route. The original structures of Dunseverick date as far back as the Viking era. There is even a legend that the castle was visited by Ireland’s Patron Saint, Patrick.

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