Must see castles uk?

Zella Farrell asked a question: Must see castles uk?
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10 Best Castles to Visit in England

  • Leeds Castle, the Most Romantic Castle in England…
  • Arundel Castle, a Fairytale Castle and a Nest of Conspirators…
  • Dover Castle, Guarding England Since William the Conqueror…
  • Hever Castle, Anne Boleyn's Childhood Home…
  • Alnwick Castle, Learn to Fly from Harry Potter's Professor…
  • Bolsover Castle, a Party House of the Stuart Era…
  • England is famous around the world for its castles, and hundreds are still standing that are worth a visit. From Dover Castle, in Kent, to Tintagel Castle, in Cornwall, here are some of the country’s oldest, most beautiful and most important castles.

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The top 20 castle experiences in Britain 1. Fit for a Queen – Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire Sudeley is on the edge of pretty Winchcombe with views of the Cotswold escarpment.

Established on Christmas day, way back in 1067, Arundel Castle is one of the most iconic and best castles in England to visit. Still a family home, you can head inside to explore some of the staterooms, see some accommodation quarters and explore the magnificent beauty of the grounds.

12 Most Beautiful Castles in the UK Must-See Castles in the United Kingdom. Content. The United Kingdom has proud Royal traditions that are known around the world, so it’s only fitting that some of the most beautiful and grand castles in the world are found in England, Scotland and Wales.

The castle has been a popular tourist destination since that time, attracting visitors who come to see the castle’s menagerie, its amazing displays of armory and the nation’s Crown Jewels. Yeoman Warder tours led by knowledgeable, friendly and chatty “Beefeaters” are the highlight of a visit to the Tower of London. 3. Warwick Castle

The most iconic of all English fortresses, commanding the gateway to the realm for nine centuries, Dover Castle is your winner. "Beautiful castle, amazing secret wartime tunnels, fantastic backdrop of countryside meeting the sea. Not to mention the incredible events."

Alnwick Castle, England Dating back to the Norman era, Alnwick Castle in Northumberland has been lots of things, from a family home to a refuge for evacuees. Most famously, though, it’s been a film...

Leeds Castle is located in Kent. It could be reached in a short time of 2 hours from London. It has been built since the 19th century. This castle is spread in an area of 500 acres of amazing parkland and it has a great range of activities during the whole year.

Rockingham Castle, Market Harborough, Northamptonshire Owned by: Watson family Intact medieval castle and family home. Standing on high ground with clear views of the Welland Valley, the highly defensible site on which the castle stands has been used from the Iron Age, through Roman times and all the way through to the Medieval Period.

Chillingham Castle – England Chillingham Castle is best known as the most haunted all the old castles in England and is home to several ghosts, including a child whose cries resound through the corridors at the stroke of midnight. 15. Pevensey Castle – England

The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a geological marvel. The dramatic coastal feature, made up of 40,000 basalt stone columns, has attracted visitors for centuries, but it became Northern...

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