Palace of the dead solo level dps alts. worth it?

Adah Zboncak asked a question: Palace of the dead solo level dps alts. worth it?
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absolute no. Don't solo it, it's pointless unless you want challenge. You can queue up for a party and get the same rewards… XP given to outside class is the exact same no matter how you clear/queue up.

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Honestly POTD, at this point, is only good for getting jobs to 61, so that you can use the new deep dungeon, Heaven on High. There are a couple cool items post floor 100, which you could probably solo since you use paladin, but I personally don't think it's worth the time. 1. level 2. IdrysAp3x.

At lvl 16 you can do leveling roulette. Squadron should be available from lvl 20 to 60 I think. Without squadron you should queue up for the highest lvl dungeon you can enter and do fates, hunting log, beast tribe quests and daylie hunt while you are waiting. At lvl 50 you are unlocking more roulettes, do them every day.

The Palace is designed so you could go in with 4 PLD's, 4 WHM's, or even 4 DRG's, and still not have a problem. If you're doing a full party going in though, I would highly recommend bringing at least one healer, as it makes it a lot smoother. Healers are by no means necessary though; 4 DPS just means you have to play safer and smarter.

Oni_Magus 1 year ago #3. Fastest way is to job boost it. Otherwise you can do daily roulettes, dungeons, and palace of the dead/heaven on high. Make sure to have rested experience and if you have any exp boosting items such as the aetheryte earrings you can use that as well. User Info: Dr_Mowinckel.

As of Patch 3.45, many folks are using Palace of the Dead as a means of efficient, no-stress leveling that you can honestly just jump into. Palace of the Dead (PotD) is basically an instanced dungeon in which a solo player or group of players descend through the floors of dungeon, 10 floors at a time.

Palace of the Dead (PotD) At level 17 you can start doing the first deep dungeon, Palace of the Dead. The best way to farm PotD is by clearing floors 51-60. Heaven-on-High (HoH) Heaven-on-High can be started at level 61, and the best floors to farm are 21-30. Bozjan Southern Front. At level 71 you will have another option for leveling, Bozjan Southern Front.

First, there’s Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High, which are procedurally generated dungeons with extremely short queues that grant you rewards and experience points the longer you last.

Healer. Everyone was hyping up PoTD as an alternate way to level alts in a dungeon with a party, particularly DPS who have long regular dungeon queues. It was never about solo leveling. It's actually worse xp than a regular dungeon run, precisely because of the mob kill xp if you run your highest available dungeon.

Yes. Though, not much for a level 69 PLD, really. You can level through dungeons much faster. PotD is most usually used for leveling alt classes, especially DPS, as there are no fixed party compositions, so 4 DPS can be queued together and be fine.

POTD, when you are lvl 60 drops xp pretty heavily. However, it is currently the best way to lvl an alt from 60-70 since the duty queue times are sitll pretty heavy (for DPS) (0)

That’s because Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High are far and away the best source of levels in the game. The former is for getting up to level 60, while the latter will take you from 61 to 70. We have a full Heaven-on-High guide that will take you through the basics and explain power leveling, too. Just know this: basically every other suggestion on this experience farming guide is meant to break up the monotony of Deep Dungeons, while earning you other rewards in the process.

Leveling, alliance, main story, trial. Save the roulettes to get you through the slow even levels. Example. If your 73, spam the 73 dungeon until you hit 74. Then run the roulettes to get you to 75. Spam the 75 dungeon to 76. Then roulettes to 77, Etc. If your the same level as the dungeon it’s very good exp.

Still, the rage is a sign that there’s something worth raging over. Prior to this patch, PotD was a fun diversion with a piecemeal story, fit for levelling alts and messing around but little else.

Palace of the dead solo level DPS alts. Worth it? [Question] Dying just before the boss floor means you get absolutely no xp for your time investment? I'm a little disappointed that you don't accrue outside xp per mob killed, or individual floor. I swear everyone was bigging up PoTD as a great way to solo level alts.

It’s not worth it - you can just join a queue in duty finder and do dungeons and trials in minutes with a party that you don’t even really have to talk to if you don’t want to. Regular story instances, side quests, and most FATEs (and pretty much anything in the world outside of a duty) can be done solo though, as can Palace of the Dead/Heaven on High.

there seems to be some confusion here. palace of the dead has its own seperate character data slots. leveling up in the palace only gives you levels in the palace if your level 70 and enter the palace of the dead you will be level 1 again You misunderstood what OP was asking, he does not have level 70 therefore he will get exp for doing Potd.

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