Parking at hampton court palace?

Erin Moen asked a question: Parking at hampton court palace?
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Video answer: Hampton court palace - house of king henry viii - full tour in less than 15 minutes.

Hampton court palace - house of king henry viii - full tour in less than 15 minutes.

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Car parking

  • On-site. £1.60 per hour (car parking bays fit a standard car only). Pay for your parking with card only…
  • Accessible parking. There are nine disabled parking bays available on site…
  • Nearby. Hampton Court Green is located 500m from the entrance of the palace and is charged at £1.50 per hour.

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A visit to hampton court palace - oct 2020

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On-street parking. There are a limited number of on-street spaces available to visiting drivers near to Hampton Court Palace. The palace straddles the border between the London borough of Richmond and the county of Surrey so there are slightly differing parking restrictions either side of the River Thames.

Visitors with motor homes, camper vans or caravans should park on Hampton Court Green as they are unable to fit into the palace car park and we do not allow vehicles with gas canisters on site. The parking bays on Hampton Court Green are larger and there is no width restriction at the exit. Standard hourly parking rates apply. Bicycle

There are 3 car parks near by. Hampton Court has it's own limited car parking. Drive in through the main gates and entrance immediately on the left. It's an hourly rate and relatively expensive. Ticketless using car registration. Pay prior to exit. Fills rapidly on busy days.

Parking for Hampton Court Palace in Kingston upon Thames. Hampton Court Palace is just a short walk from Q-Park Eden Walk car park in Kingston upon Thames. Don't forget to download Q-Park Rewards to earn a up to 10% cashback from parking and restaurant spend with our partners! Book Parking

There are 9 allocated parking bays for visitors with access needs in the on-site car park; Parking is currently free for Blue Badge holder Taxi drop off/collection. Please note that there are no drop-off or collection points outside the entrances to the palace; The nearest coach drop-off point is at Hampton Court Station (200 metres from entrance)

Via YourParkingSpace you are able to reserve car parking close to Hampton Court, including parking for a few hours, secure overnight car parking, or a spot on a monthly basis. Via booking beforehand you guarantee yourself a place to park and in addition save a lot of cash when compared to many car parks. If you own an unused front drive, off-street car parking space, or secure garage by Hampton Court you could be earning additional income via obtaining a rental.

On-site car parking is extremely limited and is normally pre-allocated for international matches. Parking is generally available on site for non-international matches and Concerts if booked in advance. It is recommended that you pre-book a car parking space by requesting a booking form from the RFU Ticket Office by emailing [email protected] Please note that pre-bookings will close at 1pm on the Wednesday before a weekend event or on the Friday before a mid week event.

7. Parking at the Hampton Court Palace. There is onsite parking at Hampton Court Palace, just left of the entrance. However, it does fill up quickly, especially during busy times. Onsite car park. Located next to the ticket office and near the Rose Garden and Kitchen Garden is the onsite car park.

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