Pets for college dorm?

Dolly Kozey asked a question: Pets for college dorm?
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The best solution might be these five pets that are a good fit for college students because they're a little bit easier on the maintenance scale.

  1. Fish. Fish are awesome pets for college students to have for a few reasons…
  2. Turtle. Similar to fish, turtles are really easy to take care of…
  3. Hamsters…
  4. Lizards…
  5. Hermit crabs.

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Pets are what make us happy because every person needs attention. This is especially true for some students who have a lot of stress during college studies. A small pet can create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in a college dorm. Down below have a list of the best dorm pets.

10 Small Pets For College Dorms Fish. Fish are silent but colorful creatures, making them a top favorite for college dorms… Aside from the personal... Gerbils. If you want a more interactive pet, gerbils are ideal. These small rodents are great for children, but those... Hermit Crabs. Do you ...

10 Perfect Pets To Sneak Into Your Dorm 1. Fish. Alright, this may not be the most exciting pet, but most dorms allow students to have fish. The bright side... 2. Hermit Crab. These little guys are my personal favorite (I have 2 in my dorm room). You can get hermit crabs from any... 3. Sea Monkeys…

A hedgehog is one of the best dorm pets because of how sweet they are and how they’ll help take away some of that college stress. 5.

Keeping dogs and cats as pets is often frowned upon by colleges and universities. But there are oth... 10 Best Pets for College Students to have in their dorms.

Best Pets For College Students [That’s Easy in Carry and Easy Care] 1. Budgies. For those who aren’t sure regarding a “Budgie”, short for budgerigar, it’s a type of parakeet that is... 2. Leopard Gecko. Unlike the dinosaurs as well as other reptiles we think about, the leopard gecko is understood ...

But as pets for the dorm room, they are pretty cute. There are a variety of colors, there are even hairless ones. It is better to get two same-sex rats, in the company it is easier for them to endure captivity. Pros: Suitable for students who are often on the road.

2. Fish. Apart from being the most widely-accepted pet for students living in college dorms and residences, certain species of fish are among the easiest animals to care for. So-called “starter fish,” such as goldfish, require minimal maintenance and can live in small (but clean) containers.

Hamsters, gerbils, Guinea pigs, mice, fancy rats (and plain rats) can all make good college pets. They do well in relatively small enclosures and can be left alone for most of the day without becoming stressed.

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