Plants in a dorm room?

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Plant tour!!! (dorm room addition)

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The 10 Best Plants for a Dorm Room

  • Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)
  • Hoya
  • Succulents
  • Snake Plant (Sansevieria)
  • ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
  • Pothos
  • Heart Leaf Philodendron
  • Bromeliad
  • Aloe Vera
  • Money Tree (Pachira aquatica)

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College dorm room tour 2018 | plants, plants, plants!

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ZZ plants grow well in low-light which makes them perfect for dark dorm rooms. They also require very little water as they grow from rhizomes that store water and nutrients under the soil for weeks to months at a time. Mature ZZ plants can get as large as five feet tall, but they usually top out at about 2-3 feet indoors.

Let’s look at some nearly foolproof plants for dorm rooms that are easy to care for and hard to kill. Plants for Dorm Rooms. Choose plants that match the surrounding conditions. If you are in a cold, dank basement devoid of much sunlight there are still options for you. Plants suitable for low light situations may include: Snake plant (mother-in-law’s tongue) Philodendron; Grape ivy; Lucky bamboo; ZZ Plant

Apart from being useful for treating minor skin problems and burns, aloe vera is the perfect plant for college students living in a dorm because it is very easy to take care of. It works as a potted indoor plant, and, because it lives primarily in tropical and dry desert conditions in nature, it doesn’t need a whole lot of maintenance.

If you are an art student using paint that contains benzene, a Snake Plant might be a healthy addition to your dorm room. The Snake Plant makes an excellent choice for the dorm room because it is low-light tolerant and dislikes overwatering. 2. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

However, Echeveria will feel comfortable on your window sills in a dorm room. Sometimes at the end of winter, orange-yellow and red-brown inflorescences appear on its leaves. The plant is rarely affected by pests, and it loves dry air and an abundance of sunlight.

All these things (even the names) help your plants to live and thrive. The Best Dorm Plants: Now that you know how to care for your plants, let’s get into the best dorm plants around. Here’s a quick list of my favorites. 1. Aloe Vera

If you have two brown thumbs, you'll need a "plant of steel" to survive in your dorm room. Well, we've found one for you called Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It's a tough beauty, known affectionately as the ZZ plant. Classic but trendy, the ZZ is an upright plant with glossy green leaves as big as your hand.

Keeping a plant such as anthurium where you live and study improves mood and promotes increased goal achievement, according to studies by the American Horticultural Therapy association. Anthurium: Learn more! Watch our video about dorm plants!

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