Providence college dorm fire?

Xander Swaniawski asked a question: Providence college dorm fire?
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  • It was Dec. 13, 1977, when 10 women died in a dormitory fire at Providence College as that campus slept on a wintry morning. Two students plunged to their deaths while firefighters readied ladders. The fire, started by two hair dryers possibly left on to dry mittens, was called the worst college dormitory fire in U.S. history.

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The Residence Life and Housing site provides information about residential living at Providence College, including information about each residence hall (dorm), housing assignments, roommates, move-in information, what to bring, meal plan information, and off campus living.

Eyewitness News anchor Mike Montecalvo speaks to firefighters who were on scene and looks at how the tragedy led to changes in fire safety regulations nation...

Dec 16: “Lowell – The Providence College girls dormitory, where seven students perished in a fire, and the ULowell dormitories have two things in common: they house students and lack sprinkler systems….The Providence College dormitory had been inspected last fall for fire safety. It lacked a sprinkler system and exterior fire escape but ...

December 13, 1977 – Fire at Providence College kills 10 students. Early in the morning of December 13, 1977, a fire broke out on the fourth floor of Aquinas Hall, a woman’s dormitory at Providence College. Within thirty minutes, ten young women were dead – seven from the smoke and flames and three from jumping to escape the inferno.

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Dec. 13—A flash fire on the top floor of a women's dormitory at Providence College killed seven students and injured 16 others early this morning. SEVEN WOMEN DIE IN COLLEGE ...

7 DEAD IN DORM BLAZE. Providence, R. I. (AP) -- A fire apparently touched off by a hair-dryer swept through the fourth floor of a women's dormitory at Providence College early today, killing seven women and injuring at least 15 others, fire officials said.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017, marks a somber anniversary in Rhode Island history: It’s been forty years since the Providence College dorm fire. Ten students died and more ...

The deadly dormitory fire at Seton Hall Wednesday ignites painful memories for New Englanders. It was Dec. 13, 1977, when 10 women died in a dormitory fire at Providence College as that campus ...

Next Tuesday, December 13, will be the 39th anniversary of one of the most tragic events in Providence College history. The Aquinas Hall fire of 1977 devastated the College as it took the lives of 10 of its female students, and members of the PC community still hold the memories of these women in their hearts.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Providence College will mark a somber anniversary next month: 40 years since one of the deadliest dorm fires in U.S. history broke out at Aquinas Hall. The fire started ...

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