Relic castle - how to get around quicksand?

Jessie Cartwright asked a question: Relic castle - how to get around quicksand?
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How to get through relic castle

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Head to the Desert Resort area and make your way from there to the entrance of Relic Castle, located in the northwestern portion of the desert area. As you start to enter those ruins, you'll be greeted by Professor Juniper.

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Pokemon white walkthrough part 42:relic castle!

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For Pokemon Black Version on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Relic Castle - how to get around quicksand?".

It's pretty easy to get around the quick sand, just move slowly through the borders you see are the widest. But to pass through you sometimes need to get into certain quick sands. answered May 16, 2011 by Pkmn gamer. Please log in or register to add a comment.

On floor B2, head up and left and drop through a quicksand hole to floor B3. Upon arriving on floor B3, walk left and climb the staircase to return to floor B2. Back on floor B2, drop down from the...

Like in the Relic Castle of Black & White, where if you run on top of it, it will pull the player under and transport them somewhere, but if you walk over top of it slowly, it won't pull you in? I'm assuming it could be done with a conditional branch and player-touch events, where "if running" one thing happens, otherwise something else happens...

The first bloke you see and chat with in here – wearing a lab coat – explains how you deal with quicksand, which is to walk, not run. You also avoid the hole in the middle unless you actually want to fall in. Psychic Perry has a Level 24 Sigilyph that is a fairly easy battle.

Dropping through the sand trap is the only way to the lower Relic Castle Relic Castle Now that you have battled all of the trainers and captured the new Pokemon that can be had here, it is time to head down into the Relic Castle and talk to the trainer inside to get a warning about quicksand!

Relic Castle B2F. Get the Max Potion nearby, then fight a grunt who has an L35 Scraggy and Watchog . Use Ducklett against Scraggy, attacking with Flying moves, and use Litwick on Watchog. Walk slowly across the sand pit to get to the next grunt, who has an L36 Garbodor. Use Golett against it, and attack with Ground moves.

How Do I Get past the quick sand in relic castle? 0 votes. 16,212 views. I have only found two entrances to relic castle and I cant get past either one I just beat the 7th gym leader, But I have to go there to get zekrom and to get through the storyline. white. relic-castle. asked May 2, 2011 by Ike,Lloyd Irving.

To traverse this quicksand, you need to walk on them slowly. If you run or bike over it, you will be dragged down to the next floor. Team Plasma arrive in the Relic Castle in order to look for the Light/Dark Stone in Black & Whites. However, when the Pokémon League has been beaten, a new maze at the very bottom of the castle opens.

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