Rental insurance for dorm rooms?

Annetta Schoen asked a question: Rental insurance for dorm rooms?
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  • Most car insurance companies offer renters insurance for dorm rooms as well. Before you look at any other plan, call your car insurance company and ask them about renters insurance. Chances are that you will get it for an even further reduced rate (they will bundle it so the overall cost is lower) or you might even get it for free.

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The Best Dorm Room Renters Insurance for Students Check with Your Current Car Insurance Company First. Most car insurance companies offer renters insurance for dorm rooms... Ask Your Parents. If your parents have home or renters insurance themselves, that insurance might cover your belongings... Ask ...

Likewise, your renter’s insurance premiums might seem like a nuisance until someone steals or breaks your stuff. So if you care about your stuff yet don’t have the budget to replace it, get yourself some dorm room renter’s insurance. At $20 per month or less, it’s one of the highest-return “investments” you can make.

You can certainly get renters insurance to cover belongings in a dorm room, but you probably don't need it. Most college students would be covered by their parents homeowners policy when they leave for college, so renters insurance wouldn't be necessary.

A dorm insurance policy may be your best option because deductibles are as low as $25, vs. $500 to $1,500 on home insurance policies, and your home coverage should really be reserved for bigger...

A handful of homeowners policies allow you to add renters insurance for a college student if they’re under 26 and live in a dorm room. Other policies are more restrictive. Given how economical renters insurance is, however, it makes more sense for your college student to have their own coverage.

If you're a college student, it's important to have insurance coverage for your belongings, whether you are living in a dorm or an off-campus apartment. Depending on where you live, you may find that your personal property is covered by your parents' insurance, while in other cases you may need to purchase your own renters insurance policy.

Although many homeowner's policies will provide coverage for dorm room contents, usually such policies have a relatively high deductible. It is possible to buy dorm insurance with no deductible or a very small deductible (such as $25/$50) which is also very inexpensive -- well under $150 for the year.

When you purchase a renters insurance policy that covers your child while they're living in the dorms, your child's possessions will be replaced when a covered loss happens. This insurance provides peace of mind that the costs of the important things they've brought to college will be reimbursed, should the unexpected happen.

So What Exactly Does Dorm Renters Insurance Cover? This will vary depending on your renters insurance provider, but in general it will cover: Bodily injury/medical bills for others when you are at fault or liable; Medical payments to others, regardless of who is at fault. Typically a far smaller amount than bodily injury coverage given its flexibility

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