Router in college dorm?

Arlie Welch asked a question: Router in college dorm?
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For your dorm room, it’s best to get a router because internet service may already be available to you by your college. You will also want to double check that your college approves of students having their own router. Benefits of getting your own router

My university tells me I can't use a router in my dorm… My university tells me I can't use a router in my dorm. Is there any way they can tell?Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: ...

All colleges will typically have school provided WiFi, or the ability to hook up your own router in your dorm room to create a WiFi network. If a WiFi network is unavailable, dorm rooms may offer an ethernet plug where you can hardwire your internet connection directly to your computer.

If it's like most dorms and their networking is the least bit modern, you shouldn't need a modem. That said, depending on your school's IT department, they may not allow you to put a wireless router in. But you should be able to purchase a network switch.

The university only sees one IP address (the one assigned to the router, 169.XXX.X.XX) and the router assigns a sub-address to my iMac and PowerBook (10.0.0.X). You can avoid causing a lot of problems simply by requiring a password to get on the network so that other people can't clog it, and turning the transmitter power down so that the network physically doesn't extend beyond the confines of your own room.

07-27-2010 at 7:43 pm. I'd bring one. Set up a MAC address filter, don't broadcast the SSID, and add a WPA2 key onto it. Some routers may be blocked and/or if you get a notice, just have it spoof the MAC address of something else (PS3, PC, laptop, etc) 07-27-2010 at 7:43 pm. 0 ·. Reply.

Most Colleges won't let you have your own router for your Dorm room, for example. But say you'd like to keep your Chromecast off the public WiFi network, or you want your phone to be connected to the same network as your desktop PC so you could connect to it remotely (This was my situation).

Some schools specifically prohibit private routers, while others allow them as long as they are set up properly and registered with the IT department. So first find out whether your dorm room has wireless coverage and how many devices are allowed. If the school already has it handled, skip the router.

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