Should i live in a co-ed dorm?

Leonie Jones asked a question: Should i live in a co-ed dorm?
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Coed dorms provide a good platform to meet lots of different people. This can be a good life experience because it is more like the real world. 5. Some female students feel safer when they have male friends on campus.


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Reasons why you should live in a dorm Resident advisors. Most dorms pair students up with a Resident Advisor (RA) who is a senior student or a staff member. You can go to your advisor if you need guidance regarding something or need some kind of help. Having someone to turn to is a big help, especially if it’s your first time leaving home.

🏘 What dorm floor should i live on?

Go with the lower but not ground level. If you go ground level you will have to keep you blinds closed so people walking by can't look into your room. Also if you go above the second floor your windows won't open all the way due to housing limiting how far they open.

🏘 Why should you live in a dorm?

Dorm life has become a quintessential part of the “college experience,” and its benefits are often touted; strong, lasting friendships, a sense of college community and an environment set up for learning. Dorms are so beneficial that they are even becoming an option for young professionals seeking to avoid high rents post-graduation.

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I can understand why you wouldn’t want to live in co-ed dorm rooms, or why a college would choose to disallow them. To start, not everyone is comfortable undressing in front of the opposite sex....

Living in a Co-Ed Dorm During the hectic university application process last autumn, I forgot to check whether my dream school would have a co-ed housing system. Right before I started at Pomona, I learned that boys and girls there would be sharing bathrooms, showers, the corridor space, laughter, and midnight snacks.

DON’T: HOOK UP WITH EACH OTHER (UNLESS YOU LIKE DRAMA) Assuming both you and your roomie are attracted to the opposite sex, this is the one area where living with a member of the other gender can get tricky. “Some people love drama, and hooking up with your roommate is one way to bring drama to your life," says Hummer.

Some students prefer co-ed dorms because they offer more opportunities to hang out with members of the opposite sex and fewer restrictions on having guests of the opposite sex visit, whether they’re friends or significant others. Some students don’t really care one way or the other. But if co-ed living isn’t for you, that’s okay too.

Personally, I enjoyed the co-ed dorms much better than female only. It also seemed that the women-only rooms were like a small high school clique that I had no interest in getting involved in! Guys definitely tend to be respectful when you’re staying with them, and they’re usually extremely courteous when it comes to line ups in the bathrooms as well!

I live in a co-ed dorm at the moment and it gets decently loud. The guys can get pretty rowdy, but so can the girls. I think they hype each other up. I also prefer quiet, and actually requested an early quiet hours floor, but was placed on a regular one. As a result, I use earplugs all the time to study and to sleep.

Should you live in a dorm? Cost: According to a study by the College Board, at four-year public schools, a dorm room will cost around $10,800 a year.Dorm living at private schools is slightly more ...

The conclusion is that living in a dorm is not ideal for every college student, but those who are eager to embrace the dorm life to the fullest might just make some lifelong friends who expose them to new ways of thinking and help them grow as people.

A college dorm should provide a closet and dresser drawers for clothing, as well as a desk for personal electronics and office supplies. Appliances may be limited to a small microwave oven and a dorm-sized refrigerator. All other amenities, such as laundry and showers, are usually communal. Privacy in a typical college dorm can be a luxury.

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Pro #1: They're Usually Spacious with an Open Concept and High Ceilings. If you're tired of cramming everything into a small, urban apartment, you'll love loft living… That makes lofts a desirable choice for many. You can grow into your loft space, add roommates, or keep it all to yourself.

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Reasons why you should live in a dorm Security Colleges and universities pay extra attention to making the campus safe and secure. That means more peace of mind for students and especially parents. Dorms are constantly

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Should you live in a dorm? Cost: According to a study by the College Board, at four-year public schools, a dorm room will cost around $10,800 a year. Dorm living at private schools is slightly more...

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Commute or Dorm: The Pros and Cons Depending on who you ask you will get different answers. There’s no right or wrong way to do college. Some people decide to stay at home and commute while others decide to move out and experience college like none other.

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Anything you keep in your dorm room must be campus approved, especially appliances. So it's best to check with your school's unique rules for what's allowed. For example, some colleges will allow you to bring any darn micro-fridge you please as long as it meets the school's standards for safety.

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Both are far too costly to replace. Lock Everything – When you have to leave your dorm room, even if it is just for a couple of minutes to grab a cup of coffee, lock your doors. It only takes a few minutes for someone to go in and take everything, and you could lose your computer, and all of your valuable work.

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  • Amazon. Amazon is the most convenient places to get dorm stuff…
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Dorm Parent and Dorm supervisors should meet as often as needed to determine general expectations of the job, discuss leadership styles, and address other topics to establish a good working relationship. Dorm Supervisors are often the first responders in an ...

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  • Also known as I-House (or iHouse for the iPod generation (said no one ever)). This is a great option for your first year, while you are adjusting to Berkeley. They basically take care of everything for you, and even provide you with a social environment for making new friends. Affiliated with, but not owned by the university.
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You’ll have the full sorority experience. In addition to a stellar social life, living in your sorority house can give you an experience that you won’t have again after college. Learning to live with a group of your best friends will teach you more about your sisters than you would ever know otherwise.

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Oxford: the north campus of main campus Although not clearly stated, Oxford is a highly isolated dorm to live in as a freshman student. It is not one big connected dorm, but instead many smaller areas that freshman are placed in. It is about a 15-20 minute walk from main campus, which is in no way convenient.

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The answer is NO, they cannot live in your dorm with you. The dorm is meant for students, not for their entire families. If you have a sibling who is attending the same college as you, I suppose it is possible that the two of you could try to be roommates, but that too, would be up to the residential life staff.

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The answer is NO, they cannot live in your dorm with you. The dorm is meant for students, not for their entire families. If you have a sibling who is attending the same college as you, I suppose it is possible that the two of you could try to be roommates, but that too, would be up to the residential life staff.

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Your IU Bloomington residence hall is where you'll make your first IU friends… Whatever brings them together, many IU students choose to live with the friends they make in the residence halls long after their first year.

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