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🏘 How big is a garage 1.5 garage?

Width: 8 feet for single car garages plus 8 feet for each additional car; Height: 7 feet; Thickness: 1 to 1.5 inches; Even among the custom sizes there are still standardizations. For instance, there are 9 feet wide garage doors to offer a bit more space on each side as you pull in.

🏘 How big garage door opener?

3/4 HP: Oversized, large, and heavy doors will need an opener with ¾ horsepower (ex: wood doors). This is recommended by most due to the fact that it will last the longest and provide the best long-term outcome. This is the most expensive out of the three but it is durable and the longest-lasting so you are receiving the most for your buck. Maximum power. All three sizes have benefits and can be seen on garage doors today. Garage door specialists will be able to recommend the right amount ...

🏘 How big is garage door?

Begin by using a tape measure to determine the width and height of the door opening in inches. The size of the door will... Next, measure the “sideroom,” or space available on the left and right sides of the opening. Most vertical track systems... Measure the head room, the distance between the top ...

🏘 Where is big dog garage?

Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage is located in Burbank, California. You may be able to visit if you're part of a class or some sort of group that gets to go and tour the place. You may also be able to go if they are having a raffle or you can buy a tour I believe. 8.2K views

🏘 How big 3 car garage?

The average size of a three-car garage. Your average, everyday 3 car detached garage will be about 22x32, with those couple extra feet offering just enough breathing room to snugly fit your three cars.

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Pouring a concrete slab for a new garage (30' x 24') form & pour

Video answer: Here's how much my car lift & garage cost my favorite automotive christmas present.

Here's how much my car lift & garage cost my favorite automotive christmas present.

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On seinfeld what did george's dad hire george and loyd braun to sell out of his garage?


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Do you need a fireproof door into an adjoining garage the door in question enters the house?

Yes. garage is high fire hazard, and requires separation from living quarters. Door will need a self closer and a latch, as well as being a fire rated door.

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How can you adjust your garage door so it will clear the opening when it is up?

If you have a chain drive garage door, there may be an Up Limit Cam Roller attached to a chain link assembly between the Door Opener unit and the Trolley where the release arm is attached. Loosen the Up Limit Cam Roller and move it a few chain links away from the Door Opener unit & toward the Trolley assembly. This should allow the garage door to open farther. Move as required to have the garage door fully clear the garage opening. The Up Limit Cam Roller assembly is what appears to stop the chain travel when it comes in contact with the Idler Sprocket at the Door Opener unit. I was the one who asked this question, but was able to figure it out after further review of my limited garage door opener instructions. I was having problems with the rear lift gate on my car hitting the garage door. This solved the problem.

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How do you program the garage door opener in the visor of a 1996 lincoln mark viii?

AnswerDepends on the garage door opener you have. For the most part hold the button on the visor until it flashes fast, or slow, Just so you see the light change. Then hold the button on you garage door remote next to the visor until the light on the visor changes again. This should do it. Now if you have a rolling code garage door opener then you need to locate the learn button on the garage door opener motor. Press the learn button until it changes and then run to your car and press the visor button until you see the light on the garage motor hold steady. Good luck.Also, try

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Who is the voice actor of the bear from the animaniacs episode garage sale of the century?

Ed Asner was the voice of Pa Bear in the Animaniacs episode Garage Sale of the Century.

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What is the movie called where the girl is stuck in the parking garage with a killer?

There is a movie in which the girl is kidnapped in and held in a parking garage on Christmas eve. It is called P2.

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Can you change a crankshaft pulley wheel your self or is it a job for a garage?

hi your best let a garage do the job they can be very tight to remove and in most cases you ned a special tool to do so.

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Need instructions for ray o vac sportsman 360 lantern how to load batteries bought at garage sale .?

open the case, the cover half tells you which is neg or positive on the cover, with - or + symbols embedded.

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What wire size is need in a detached garage that will have a 15 amp table saw?

I would use 3/12 to take care of that, connecting one line for tools and the other for lighting.

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Does homeowners insurance cover a garage door that was hit be a friends vehicle and his vehicle?

Your homeowners insurance will cover your garage door subject to your deductible since it is part of your house. Your Home insurance does not cover damage to a vehicle though. That's what Auto insurance is for. Your friend will need to contact his auto insurance to fix his vehicle.

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Are garage door openers something i can install myself or is it better left to a professional?

It's typically a job for a professional. You can do it yourself but it will take much longer and be much harder.

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What are the release dates for monster garage - 2002 el camino figure 8 race car 2-3?

Monster Garage - 2002 El Camino Figure 8 Race Car 2-3 was released on: US 15 September 2003

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Why do you think fitzgerald includes the scene at wilson's garage at this point in the novel?

He wants to establish the affair early on in the novel.

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How to change code on chamberlain garage keypad klik2u p2 should the light be orange or green?

press and hold the ENTER button. Release the button when the garage door opener motor unit lights blink. It has learned the code. If light bulbs are not installed, two clicks will be heard. The square smart button is located on the side or the back of the motorhead, and is colored red, green, amber, orange, or purple.

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What are the advantages of using a dc motor over an ac motor for garage door openers?

Usually a DC motor can be expected to deliver higher torque in a smaller size package.

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Is it safe to leave 5 week old puppies at 55 degrees in the garage at night?

no you should probably keep them in the warmth of a house

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Are they allowed to repossess a car from a closed garage in an apartment building in california?

IF they did not break into the garage(ie; someone let them in)

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You have remote garage door opener that wont work its 1997 model 139153681b and fcc id hbw1255?

replace the batteries

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How do i get rid of black beetles in my garage and how do you get them?

how do I get rid of beetle in my garage and how do you get them

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Does property insurance or auto insurance pay when a auto owner damages his garage with his auto?

Auto Insurance.

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In the state of maryland can a repo man come into your garage to repossess your car?

No it is breaking and entering.But that does not mean they won't try.After they get the car it is theirs so even if you get the repo guy/lender for B+E they still keep the car.

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Does garage keepers insurance cover non-collision damage to vehicle specifically engine failure due to diesel runaway?

No, it would not cover damage of that nature. Garage Keepers insurance provides protection in case a vehicle is damaged by fire, theft, vandalism or collision.

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I have recently had one of my two craftsman garage door opener stolen model 139.53779 green light how do i reset the garage door opener so that it will no longer except codes from the stolen remote?

There's a little door somewhere on the garage door opener--the unit hooked to the door itself, not the remote in your car. If you open the door you'll find a little plastic block that has switches on its face. That's where the code is set. Reset it to anything else, making sure to reset the switches in the remote, and the stolen remote will trouble you no further.

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I am trying to program a sears craftsman remote garage door opener. where is the button on the back of the garage door opener power unit that i need to press in order to program the remote?

Sometimes called a Learn Button or the Program Button, this is the main button on your garage door control box. It can usually be found by looking at the back of the motor or the wall control box. Once you find the button, take the following steps:

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What are the release dates for bear in the big blue house - 1997 it's all in your head 2-10?

Bear in the Big Blue House - 1997 It's All in Your Head 2-10 was released on: US 1998

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What does dreaming of spiders crawling up your walls and from your ceilings and big frogs in your house mean?

Invest in automotive futures! I'm sure of it.

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What are the release dates for bear in the big blue house - 1997 what's in the mail today 1-9?

Bear in the Big Blue House - 1997 What's in the Mail Today 1-9 was released on: US 1997

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How can mormons or utahns in general support their large families and live in big mansions with only one income?

I, too, smell a rat with this softball question designed to tease out a discussion of the Word of Wisdom. However, I’ll indulge it in a sort of sideways fashion. Topic 1: If you were living here in the Mormon heartland, “Fit and athletic” are not ...

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What are the release dates for bear in the big blue house - 1997 when you've got to go 2-39?

Bear in the Big Blue House - 1997 When You've Got to Go 2-39 was released on: US 1998

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Will the jim henson company own the rights to the muppets and bear in the big blue house once again?

NO, The Muppets and Bear in the Big Blue House are owned by Disney right now!

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What are the release dates for my big amazing renovation - 2008 transforming a denver victorian into a modern loft masterpiece?

My Big Amazing Renovation - 2008 Transforming a Denver Victorian Into a Modern Loft Masterpiece was released on: US 24 June 2009

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What are the release dates for bear in the big blue house - 1997 raiders of the lost cheese 2-2?

Bear in the Big Blue House - 1997 Raiders of the Lost Cheese 2-2 was released on: US 1998

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Is it bad to store new running shoes in the garage it's about 30 fahrenheit and when i felt the sole they felt stiff is this just temporary and is it safe to leave them in the garage?

It's perfectly safe, your shoes are probably just a little cold. The foam and rubber get stiff when they get cold. I would just let them warm up a little before running in them.

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Can i drive a car with a bad power steering pump just to get it to my garage?

yeah go for it

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Why is it dangerous to leave a car engine running when the car is in a closed garage?

The danger lies in asphyxiation by the engine's exhaust fumes in a close non ventilated enclosure .

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What are the release dates for bumps in the night - 2009 evil parking garage of evil 2-2?

Bumps in the Night - 2009 Evil Parking Garage of Evil 2-2 was released on: US 16 March 2010

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Where do you put the apostrophe in the sentence 'i put my friends ball in my neighbors garage'?

You need 2 apostrophes, one after friends and another one after neighbours.I put my friends' ball in my neighbours' garage. This means you are talking about various friends who share a ball and also various neighbors who share a garage.If you are talking about just one friend and one neighbour, you need to place your apostrophes differently:I put my friend's ball in my neighbour'sgarage.

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Is it too late to add drainage into the garage floor if the cement has already been laid?

No, you could still install a drain through the slab. Would have been easier to do it before the slab, tho.

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Do you hold down the button that opens the door to program a craftsman garage door opener 136.53681?

If it is a newer model with multi-function wall control, first push and hold remote button then light button then button that opens and closes door so you are now pushing all three buttons simultaneously then release all three and remote should be programmed.

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How should the weather in my area influence the type of modular garage i may want to install?

You should first calibrate because the weather in your area can influence the type of modular garage I may want to install. Read more at

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Do you need new concrete poured for a garage to be built or can you use existing foundation?

If the condition of the existing foundation is determined to be sound for the LIFE of the proposed structure and the proposed structure does not exceed the limitations of the existing structure. (example- putting a 2 story garage/apt on a foundation designed for the load of a one story garage)

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Do you need to upgrade the 100a service in your house to run power to a detached garage?

All depends on what type of equipment you are going to operate in the garage. I would suggest you call an electrician. You can connect to your existing 100 amp circuit if there is an empty spot for a breaker.

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What are the release dates for extreme parking - 2013 self-parking car robo garage sexist parking 1-2?

Extreme Parking - 2013 Self-Parking Car Robo Garage Sexist Parking 1-2 was released on: US 4 June 2013

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What are the release dates for handy ma'am with beverly dejulio - 2002 garage doors and more 3-9?

Handy Ma'am with Beverly DeJulio - 2002 Garage Doors and More 3-9 was released on: US 2004

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Who do you report someone who is having a garage sale everyday and even buying things to sell?

Call the licensing office in the municipality in which the garage sale is taking place. Many municipalities require people to obtain a garage sale permit before conducting the sale. The specific purpose of this is to restrict the number of sales a person can have during a particular period of time and to ensure that the person is not buying and selling items like a business would.

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Which verb form is correct the gale force wind has blew blown blewed the roof off the garage?

"blown" is correct to use with the auxiliary verb "has". A past participle is needed to create the perfect verb tenses. "The gale force wind has blown the roof off the garage." (present perfect)

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How does someone create a garage sale online instead of having to put everything out on the lawn?

A person can create a garage sale online by utilizing their Facebook account. This is done by creating an open group and inviting local family and friends.

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What are the release dates for chico and the man - 1974 no room in the garage 1-9?

Chico and the Man - 1974 No Room in the Garage 1-9 was released on: US 15 November 1974

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What is likely to be an order of concrete carried by a truck to make a garage floor?

What is likely to be an order of concrete carried by a truck to make a garage floor

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How do i use 1x3x10' lumber pieces i was told to buy to fasten shelves to drywall garage?

Use the strips to fasten on the wall, screwing at stud locations. Then fasten the 1 x 12 shelves to the 1 x 3 s.

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