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🏘 How big is a garage 1.5 garage?

Width: 8 feet for single car garages plus 8 feet for each additional car; Height: 7 feet; Thickness: 1 to 1.5 inches; Even among the custom sizes there are still standardizations. For instance, there are 9 feet wide garage doors to offer a bit more space on each side as you pull in.

🏘 How big garage door opener?

3/4 HP: Oversized, large, and heavy doors will need an opener with ¾ horsepower (ex: wood doors). This is recommended by most due to the fact that it will last the longest and provide the best long-term outcome. This is the most expensive out of the three but it is durable and the longest-lasting so you are receiving the most for your buck. Maximum power. All three sizes have benefits and can be seen on garage doors today. Garage door specialists will be able to recommend the right amount ...

🏘 How big is garage door?

Begin by using a tape measure to determine the width and height of the door opening in inches. The size of the door will... Next, measure the “sideroom,” or space available on the left and right sides of the opening. Most vertical track systems... Measure the head room, the distance between the top ...

🏘 Where is big dog garage?

Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage is located in Burbank, California. You may be able to visit if you're part of a class or some sort of group that gets to go and tour the place. You may also be able to go if they are having a raffle or you can buy a tour I believe. 8.2K views

🏘 How big 3 car garage?

The average size of a three-car garage. Your average, everyday 3 car detached garage will be about 22x32, with those couple extra feet offering just enough breathing room to snugly fit your three cars.

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Pouring a concrete slab for a new garage (30' x 24') form & pour

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Can you use bleach to get rid of the smell of gasoline you spilled on the garage floor?

We use this product regularly, and it does a great job of turning waste into liquid and keeping sludge from forming on the sides of the tank. 3. Clean the Flapper and Toilet. If you have done all of this and the odor persists, it is likely that the flapper inside of the commode is not closing completely.

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How cold can play-doh get if you leave it in a cold garage will it be ok?

No it'll probably freeze and not be useable. I've tried it before, but instead of a cold garage, I left it out overnight.

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How many weeks does it take to air dry white pine to build large garage sticked and covered?

Garage is too wringing wet to be large. Garage is much more lavish

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How do you get your car out of a parking garage if they closed it for the weekend?

Wait until Monday

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Is it allowed to install the fan section of a heat pump in the garage of a condominium?

This answer assumes that your installation work is on a car, and you want to know if you can perform this work in your condominium garage.Read your governing documents, including resolutions voted on and passed by the board of directors that cover parking and the use of the parking resources in your community.Be aware that applicable rules and restrictions for owners may be different from those afforded to tenants, and different yet from any access rights granted to visitors and guests for such tasks in the condominium garage.

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Is there a garage in leicestershire that can change the oil and filter for a audi a4 tdi?

All garages in Leicestershire should be able to do that.

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Can you have an entry door from your attached garage into your home with a built in screen?

No. Should be a fire door, at the least it should discourage air movement from garage into house.

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Why garage door stops after a few feet you replaced a worn out sproket assembly unit any ideas?

The door opener has stops on it. Remove the chain from the sprocket and run the opener to the door closed position until it stops (unattached to the opening assembly. Then put the chain on with the door opener with the door closed. Put the chain on where it would be with the door in the closed position. Re-hook the chain opening assembly and the door should open. Adjust the open position (small adjustments) using a flat screwdriver in the slots on the side of the garage door opener. Good Luck.

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Is the spring attached to an automated garage door considered part of the common area of a condominium?

Theoretically, yes.However, depending on why the spring's status is in question, it may be that replacing or repairing the spring is the responsibility of an individual owner.During regular preventative maintenance tasks for the garage door, the spring, which is integral to the operation of the automated garage door, is maintained as a commonly owned asset.

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If you go to a garage for an oil change how much time do they charge you for?

usually a flat rate is charged for a basic oil you shouldn't be charged labor usually a flat rate is charged for a basic oil you shouldn't be charged labor

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Need to change to code after remote stolen for stanley garage door opener how do you do this?

buy a new house...

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When you go to your garage in drag racer v3 to sell your cars they don't show up?

plaese help too have no clue soz

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Is it possible for someone to break into your house using your own garage door opener against you?

if he smacks it over your head, yes.

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How do you reset password on sears key pad with no enter key model 53671 garage door opener?

If this doesn't work for you. Here is what I just did on my older model Sears garage door opener with ("NO ENTER BUTTON" on the keypad) and it worked perfectly. 1). Unplug the unit from the ceiling plug or where ever it's plugged into. 2). If you have a large wired button to open the garage door (about 5" x 3") remove it from the wall and flip it around to expose the underside of the unit. Remove the 3 screws carefully that hold the circuit board to the casing remembering where they go when you reconnect them. Two of them should have wires attached to them. 3). replace the 9 volt battery and locate PROGRAM / OPERATE switch and place it in the "PROGRAM" mode. Go to the keypad and enter you choice of 4 numbers. 4). place the switch back to "OPERATE" mode, replace the 3 screws to their original terminals, mount back on the wall, plug in the opener to the ceiling plug and you should be good to go. After 12 years of living at this house and never having access to the keypad was bothering me. I finally figured it out. I hope this helps someone in the same position Good luck

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How do you say my house has a garage and a granny flat at the back in french?

ma maison a un garage et un grand plat à l'arrière

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How do you vent hot air from a garage under the second floor of a 2-story house?

If you have an automatic garage door opener, open your garage door about 4 inches during the hottest part of the day. It will disipate the additional heat in the garage. Make sure the garage is locked and cannot be opened when it is cracked.

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Can i get a garage door that does a good job of holding in the heat or cold?

There are some garage doors that have insulation built-in, but they are expensive and have strict fire performance standards.

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Do you use 20 amp breakers from your house to feed 20 amp breakers in your garage panel?

You should read your local electrical code or consult a local electrician. The rules are there for your safety and the safety of the people who will buy your house later.

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In minnesota can a repo person take your vehicle out of your garage when you are not home?

This question is fundamentally flawed. The repossessor is not removing your vehicle from the garage - they're taking their client's vehicle - so the answer is YES.

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What gauge wire to use for direct burial for a garage that is 400 feet from your house?

Depends on the size of the sub-panel in that garage. If you are installing a 60 amp sub-panel 400 feet away from the main service panel then use AWG # 4.

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You were told the inter tie is leaking oil there is no oil showing on your garage floor?

I do not know what an inter tie is. Are you sure this is what you were told? You can have a oil leak without is dripping to the floor. It may be leaking on the exhaust and burning away. You would however see smoke when you shut the engine off.

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If your home burns down and cars are in the garage which insurance policy pay for the autos?

Auto insurance and burn down everyone Else's house to make it equal

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Once winter is over what is the best way to clean a concrete garage floor with salt stains?

One of the best ways to clean salt stains off a garage floor is with muriatic acid. Use a light solution or follow the instruction on the bottle.

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Do you use the big hammer to kill the boss in the dark palace in zelda a link to the past?

Yes, but then when the mask falls of sword it

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Big blue tongue lizard around your house some but you dont know where it would and how do you catch it?

Don't catch it. Bluetongues won't hurt you, and they keep down the snails, slugs and bugs as a bonus!

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Why are the rooms not used and why is the white house so big if it have 17 rooms in it?

The White House has 132 rooms, not 17.

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Cats are divided into three main group's- small cats big cats and leopards in which group do your house cats belong?

house cats are small cats.

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What are the release dates for bear in the big blue house - 1997 a berry bear christmas part 2 3-26?

Bear in the Big Blue House - 1997 A Berry Bear Christmas Part 2 3-26 was released on: US 7 December 1999

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What are the release dates for bear in the big blue house - 1997 a berry bear christmas part 1 3-25?

Bear in the Big Blue House - 1997 A Berry Bear Christmas Part 1 3-25 was released on: US 7 December 1999

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What are the release dates for bear in the big blue house - 1997 you learn something new every day 2-6?

Bear in the Big Blue House - 1997 You Learn Something New Every Day 2-6 was released on: US 1998

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What are the release dates for bear in the big blue house - 1997 a trip to the general store 4-22?

Bear in the Big Blue House - 1997 A Trip to the General Store 4-22 was released on: US 20 October 2003

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Can a building inspecter red tag a job on an assumption that the building is not what the permit was issued for. we built a garage and because we installed some cat 5 he assumed it was not a garage?

You may have to go to the county office and ask to speak to a supervisor. I'm not sure what it is about being a inspector that eventually leads them to believe they can walk on water... If you are framed for a garage door and your outlets are at garage height you will be fine. I don't think Obamma has gotten around to regulating phones in garages yet.

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What are the chances of u going into the garage looking for a milk on a rainy day and your brother scares you by opening the garage door and while running inside u hit your shoulder on the door frame?

cj is a loser and the chances are 1 to 9813456971234623182318957413894561237842318947234178562374213982345893412356134

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How does a garage door motor know which direction to operate in if the door is only closed halfway?

The circuitry "remembers" the previous direction and reverses that direction.

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Can a repo man enter your closed but unlocked garage and take your vehicle when you are not home?

Most courts have ruled that you CANT enter a closed dwelling. Carport yes, garage NO. Call a local attorney NOW with the facts and any witnesses you have. Good Luck

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Can i buy extra remotes for my teenage sons cars for the craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener?

yes they sell universal remotes for garage door openers.

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In the tv show dukes of hazzard what is the name of the town where cooters garage is located?

That was always just known as Hazzard Square, or just Hazzard.

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How much work will it take to lift a 6kg toolbox 1.5 meters onto a shelf in the garage?

88.2 J

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What is the best way to temporarily seal an open doorway to a garage to keep the heat inside?

tarp or plywood are the answers i have gotten so far

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How steep to make a wheelchair ramp when door is 2 meters above ground and 15 meters from garage?

7.5 degrees

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One shingle blew off in middle of garage roof. do you have to replace them all on that side?

Not if your careful you can replace just that one or two in that area.

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Do you need to remove the springs from a tilt garage door when you fit an automatic door opener?

Do not remove springs they are required to counterbalance the door. Operator is designed to operate a properly balanced door.

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What are the release dates for ask this old house - 2002 installing garage door preventing frozen pipes 7-24?

Ask This Old House - 2002 Installing Garage Door Preventing Frozen Pipes 7-24 was released on: USA: March 2009

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Do you need planning permission to brick up an integral garage and turn it into a normal house room?

Not usually, unless there is a condition attached to a previous planning permission on the property restricting the use of the garage for parking vehicles only. Best check with the planning dept.

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How do you wire a garage sub panel box from a 100 amp breaker in the house main panel?

you propaly can't sub panel from 100 amp panel. Just not enough amperage to be worth while. i had to up grade t a 200 amp main first and then I was able to take a 60 sub panel from that.

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What gauge wire from 60 amp ckt breaker feeding 100 amp sub panel in detached garage 70 feet away?

6AWG copper wire should be suitable for this need if being run underground in either conduit or direct burial cable. If you go underground I would recommend using 6AWG wire type "THHN/THHW". If this is to be an overhead installation I would also use 6AWG wire but use aluminum type "XHHW". If running underground in conduit you can use 1" schedule 40 PVC conduit but for ease of pull and future expansion I would run 1.25" conduit.

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What is a round about way to installing a doggy door leading from my laundry room to my garage?

Buy a doggy door, unless you already have one, and remember you get what you pay for. Use the included template to mark your door for cutout, and cut out with jig saw.

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Where can you work on a project car and leave it there if you don't have your own garage?

Check local real estate ads for garage space to rent. Just make sure that it is a garage that they are okay with you working on the vehicle.

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What would a garage charge to change a clutch on a n reg 1995 fiesta ghia 1.6 injection zetec?

hi, My local garage charged £180 for the clutch plates replacement. That was on a P reg Mk5 1.25 8Valve engine. Should be similar.

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Are there any decent classic car insurers that do not require the vehicle to be stored in a garage?

Most insurance companies want you to keep your vehicle in a garage.

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